The Commercial and Maritime Law Research Group (CMLR) is aimed at pursuing a critical and comprehensive review of the law and legal principles by investigating the accepted and alternative legal reasoning in International Commercial and Maritime law. 

The group explores the emerging fusion between technology and law and the role of lawyers in architecting the regulatory framework around this.

Important issues in Commercial and Maritime Law are subjected to scrutiny, critical reasoning, and logical opinions through a variety of research activities. The group also aims to support and develop PhD researchers in this area, providing an enabling environment for research and providing funding conference and developing research papers. 

The group aims to develop a centre for excellence in Commercial and Maritime Law at Bournemouth University, creating mutually beneficial relationships with industry. 

Group aims:

  • Serve as a conduit for developing researchers at PhD level and above in maritime and commercial law
  • Publish research in 3* and 4* peer review journals
  • To organise international research conferences at Bournemouth University
  • To contribute to fusing mutually beneficial relationships between industry and Bournemouth University in Commercial and Maritime Law.
  • Through individual and/or group research on topical issues with the aim of publishing in peer review journals

Events and activity

Law, International Commerce & Technology in the 21st Century & Beyond

This conference took place on 9 December 2022 with presentations around the legal conundrums of blockchain technology in international commerce, the absence of an effective international legal framework to regulate autonomous vessels and business transformation through digital technology. 

Three women and two men standing side by side looking at the camera
Left to right, the Plenary Speakers Ms Nisha Sheeba, Mr Taribowei Ibori; moderator, Ms Mbang Young; Head of Department, Humanities and Law, Katharine Cox; and moderator, Mr Muyiwa Ayojimi.
Professor Katharine Cox holding a microphone in a lecture theatre

Professor Katharine Cox

Head of Department for Humanities & Law, Bournemouth University

For this group to have emerged so rapidly, and to have this wonderful conference as your first event, is a clear indication of the importance and urgency of the work of this group.

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