Dr Nicholas Mavengere, Chair of the Local Organising Committee

 “Bournemouth University is pleased to host the IFIP TC3 Open Conference on Computers in Education (OCCE) 2024. It is our honour to host the OCCE 2024 conference. Its theme, “Digitally Transformed Education: Are We There Yet?” is a reflective theme on society’s efforts to enhance education by adopting and making use of technology.  

The conference theme, “Digitally Transformed Education. Are We There Yet?” is a continuation from the focus of the previous IFIP TC3 OCCE 2021 DTEL held in Tampere, Finland on the theme “Digital transformation of educational and learning – past, present and future”. There were several digitalisation efforts noted at the Tampere conference, but the question is, are we there yet? Has digital transformation been realised in education? If not, what are we missing? If yes, what are the best practices, success stories and lessons generated from the experience? The OCCE 2024 conference aims to explore the impact of technology across a range of user experiences including those of students, staff and management. This should provide for an interesting and creative tension during the conference. 

IFIP is an international organisation, established in the year 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO. Technical committee 3 (TC3) focuses on computers in education. IFIP is a leading multinational, apolitical organisation in Information and Communication Technologies and Sciences. IFIP constitutes international leading researchers, practitioners, developers and policy makers and we look forward to welcoming conference delegates in Bournemouth. 

We invite you to attend and share your knowledge and expertise in educational technologies and be a part of this vibrant international community.” 

Christophe Reffay, IPC Chair

“Welcome. We are delighted to invite you to the IFIP TC3 Open Conference on Computers in Education (OCCE 2024) at the end of February 2024 in Bournemouth, UK. On behalf of the International Programme Committee and the Local Organising Committee, we warmly recommend you travel to join us physically at this conference. 
The Open Conference on Computers in Education is the main annual event of IFIP Technical Committee 3 (TC3: Education) and an important place to connect with current interests in research and practice in learning and technology at an international level. This is an opportunity to meet IFIP TC3 members where different viewpoints can be shared between worldwide education stakeholders: policy makers, researchers or practicians either in education institutions at all levels or in companies. 
During the Covid-19 pandemic, countless workers, teachers and trainers have had to change their practices to teach at a distance. While this sometimes-forced use may have contributed to more meaningful uses of digital technologies for teaching, learning and assessment, it may also have generated new difficulties. What did we learn after this critical period? Did the technology help educators to meet the education challenges?   
The special focus of the OCCE 2024 conference will be on “Digitally Transformed Education: Are We There Yet?”.   

Technologies are still evolving at a faster pace than research does. Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Online trainings and MOOCs, Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are coming with new opportunities and sometimes even with threats. This conference is the right time to share the experiences or questions and results coming from the different actors dealing with the use of technology in education.   
To face the complexity of this evolving world, it is more than crucial to meet, share and collaborate to design new projects, building, testing and evaluating some avenues for the many education challenges and opportunities coming with digital technologies.  The special focus of OCCE 2024 provides an overarching framework through which a range of more specific conference themes will be considered.

This conference will be of particular interest to teachers, researchers, PhD candidates, policy makers and ICT professionals interested in education, who can collaborate and discuss the impact of digital technologies on the whole educational environment. 
We invite you to take an active role and be part of this dynamic international community, where sharing of your knowledge will contribute to the continual development of practices, policy and improvement of student learning outcomes. 
We sincerely hope you will join us, to make IFIP TC3 OCCE 2024 a great event!” 

Professor Don Passey, IFIP TC3 Chair

Dear participants, 

I am delighted that IFIP TC3 is holding its next Open Conference on Computers in Education (OCCE) in 2024. IFIP TC3 OCCE 2024 is our fourth OCCE conference. While we have successfully run conferences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period, this will be the first conference since that time when we can be more confident that we should be able to meet onsite! I am sure that we all look forward to that – and I am pleased to say that IFIP TC3 OCCE 2024 will held in Bournemouth, UK. 

I am indebted to those that have made this conference possible, and particularly to those who have needed to consider running this conference face-to-face, but with opportunity to allow those who cannot easily make the journey in person to have chance to join online. I know that this involves considerable commitment, effort and ingenuity on the part of those involved in setting this up, not only prior to the conference, but also for those who need to handle the hybrid situation during the period of the conference itself. I am grateful to the enormous efforts of the local organising committee in making the conference facilities possible, enabling us to work together on the important topic of this conference.

My thanks to the support and devotion of the chairs of the IPC and the LOC, and to the members of the international programme committee and the local organising committee of this event, enabling us all to benefit from the chances to meet again or for the first time. I have no doubt that coming to Bournemouth in the UK will offer a wonderful range of opportunities for sharing, discussion and challenge! 

I encourage you to attend this important conference – please come and join us. I look forward to meeting you there – and welcome!