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Digital pedagogies framework

The Digital Pedagogies Framework has been developed as part of an integrated plan for digital and online pedagogies to support staff at BU in their preparation for online and blended teaching. The framework is an instrument to support staff in the development and delivery of their online and blended pedagogies.

The broader plan for enabling staff with their digital learning approaches entails outlining the principles of online and blended learning followed by a second stage for developing good pedagogical practices through application of the framework. The plan incorporates the framework for an implementation stage that focuses on learning design.

This framework has been devised to offer a structure for enhancing the design and development of our education standards and further excellence in our education practices. The framework also outlines key content areas with suggested pedagogical approaches to promote student learning and engagement, and examples of Technology Enhanced Learning tools to facilitate unit structure and design.

A baseline is introduced to further enhance the consistency of the student learning experience and help further the quality of teaching delivery and assessment requirements in our units on Brightspace. The framework aims to promote staff digital literacy at BU within the context of our Virtual Learning Environment and in turn increase the opportunity for students to enhance their digital skills through active engagement with digital learning tools in their unit. The framework encourages development of students’ much needed soft skills.

FLIE will review the Peer Observation form to incorporate the principles of the framework and to align with other education quality review practices. 

Digital Pedagogies Themes