BU is proposing to construct Arne House at the south-eastern end of Talbot Campus, next to the current construction site for the new Poole Gateway Building. The building will provide teaching and staff facilities for the Faculty of Science and Technology, including computing and psychology labs, staff offices, a new lecture theatre, seminar rooms and specialist research facilities to support the BU2025 strategic investment areas.  

This new building will underpin our commitment to teaching and research in key Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas, such as creative technologies, computing and informatics, and psychology. It will support BU in developing our strategic academic investment areas through the provision of flexible and specialist laboratory and workshop facilities, helping to ensure that our buildings and facilities support the very best in education and research.  

Arne House is also integral to the wider estate planning, not only providing new facilities for staff and students, but also releasing space elsewhere at Talbot Campus. This will enable us to bring disciplines together which are currently split across Talbot and Lansdowne campuses, enhancing the experience for our students and staff.

Arne House forms part of BU’s estates development plan, which was revised in 2018 to support the realisation of our corporate strategy and vision, BU2025.