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  • Cost: £975 per individual CPD (£2,925 for all three). The fees include tuition materials and access to facilities. There are no additional costs associated with this course.
  • Dates: the three CPD units will run September to December 2023, February to April 2024, May to July 2024
  • Each unit lasts 6 weeks, with weekly half-day, in-person or virtual facilitated sessions, followed by time to work on the assessment assignment utilising data from your workplace. Read ‘CPD units’ below for more details including dates, times and locations.

The move in recent years toward working with more and bigger digital datasets brings with it opportunities for information insights, increased transparency in decision-making and new forms of people-centred participation in data analysis and communication.

Alongside this, digital transformations have led to the increasing popularity of infographics, data visualisations, maps and dashboard interactives for representing data and communicating its significance. But while our workplaces and lives become more ‘data-ified’, information remains difficult to collect, complex to analyse, and challenging to communicate. As we’ve seen over the past two decades of this proliferation, more data does not necessarily lead to better data insights—or better data-driven decision-making. 

To close the gap between what data can do and what we currently do with it, we need more Data and Digital Leaders in our workplaces. Organisations collect a wealth of data, but there is often a disconnect between the data and those who both report it and could benefit from it; data becomes compartmentalised, passed up a chain, utilised for system-wide analyses, but overlooked (or even inaccessible) for evaluating trends and enabling interventions.  

Our Data & Digital Leadership CPD units offer modular, adaptable, and practical professional development for UHD staff to gain or enhance their ability to collect, manage, analyse, use and communicate data to design implementable innovations and solve workplace challenges.  Developing data and digital leadership skills from a ‘humanising data’ perspective, enables staff to focus on people-centred needs and values, while using data insights to create progressive cycles of data collection and intervention to improve service delivery, enhance workplace practices and solve real world challenges. 

These units are validated within BU’s qualifications framework. This means that you will be awarded academic credits for any successful completion of a unit, which you may be able to apply towards gaining a further qualification in the future (e.g. you may be able to transfer the credits onto a relevant Master's programme pathway).  


CPD units

Unit leaders