Laptop keyboard and CDRecent graduates (up to three years)

If you have recently completed your studies at BU, you can continue use your student email address and account for up to three years. This is to help you manage the transition from studying with us to becoming a BU graduate. It also means you can continue to access documents or contacts that might be held there.

Please be aware that we have recently introduced the following enhanced security measures to alumni email accounts:

  • Account activity review. If, within the three-year period, your account has not been used for six months, we will disable it. We will give 30 days notice, by email, that the account is going to be disabled before going ahead. If you are within three years of having completed your studies, and your account has been disabled due to inactivity, you can request it is re-enabled by emailing Alumni IT Services. Your email account will be re-enabled within two working days.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA means that in addition to your username and password you will sometimes have to confirm your identity through an added step such as via an authenticator app, text message or a telephone call.

If you graduated more than three years ago

In line with our most recent Terms & Conditions (updated in 2021) alumni who graduated more than three years ago will no longer be able to access their student email.

Terms & Conditions

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