Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) are a government-funded scheme to share university knowledge with UK businesses. These partnerships allow you to recruit a graduate associate and access specific skills to increase your business productivity and improve performance. KTPs can last between 12 months and three years and often result in long-term partnerships.

Am I eligible for a KTP?

If your business would benefit from specialist university knowledge, you may be eligible for a KTP grant. You may also be eligible if you can identify a project that is critical to your future success.

A KTP provides up to 67% Government funding to support the transfer of university expertise into small to medium-sized business and up to 50% funding for large organisations.

Some of our most successful KTPs include:

  • Morning Data (Software systems): Reverse engineer and re-develop a modularised product. Instill software development management and control techniques
  • Dorset Cereals (Food Manufacturer): Developed and implemented integrated marketing and production strategies that facilitated and supported a trebling of sales revenue
  • Electronics Technicians Limited (Electronics Manufacturing): Identify and implement new production planning and processes
  • Ecrebo (Point of sale systems): Develop a handheld based point of sale system
  • Aspire (Staff training for nursery schools): Building an on-line learning environment
  • Quattro Foods (Fresh and frozen foods): Extension of product shelf life
  • Brendon Care Provision of a consultation into the design of an innovative model of dementia care: ‘Shared Care’.