Our ambition is to develop a portfolio of world-class research and educational and professional development programmes. We work across the University, and partner with NHS Trusts and primary care, industry and academia. We are passionate about creating a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation focused on the rapidly evolving field of medical imaging and on medical visualisation technologies such as simulation and augmented reality.

Research at the Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation

Our research is motivated by clinical need and the needs of wider society. We study how medical imaging technologies can be used in diagnosis, and in planning and monitoring treatments, as well as to study normal physiological processes. This research encompasses image-guided therapy, and associated digital technologies such as machine learning. Current imaging research programmes include novel techniques and applications for MRI to image liver, pancreatic and biliary disease, and the use of structural and functional neuroimaging techniques such as sMRI and fMRI to study the brain in health and disease.  An additional theme revolves around radiography research of global health relevance.

The IMIV manages several key resources, particularly the Bournemouth University MRI Suite. For information about these resources and how to book them, contact [email protected].

Education at the Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation

The IMIV is developing high quality educational outputs to meet the needs of the local community, the NHS and industry, as well as current global medical imaging workforce demands.  Our MSc in Medical Imaging with Management prepares students for a career in medical imaging, developing the skills for advanced medical imaging practice, research and leadership.

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