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Businesses and organisations today operate in a truly global economy – working across time zones, borders and cultures. This requires a workforce with the dexterity and expertise to think and work globally.

At BU we are committed to ensuring our students are equipped and prepared for the world of work when they graduate. Our mission is to provide a transformational and integrated employability experience that allows our students and graduates to learn through experience, thrive and stand out in the global economy and enrich our region with their global talent.

We help them achieve this through the Global Talent Programme | GTP – our distinctive, innovative employability programme, which we have created and co-delivered in collaboration with over 30 partnering organisations and employers, ensuring the programme is industry relevant and future proof.

Available to all BU students and designed to facilitate our ambitious employability and internationalisation goals, GTP develops key global mindset, heartset and skillsets attributes and sets our graduates apart in a complex, competitive and uncertain world. 

The programme makes the most of the unique opportunity that the university has to shape both the leaders, and the workplace of the future and emphasise the key attributes of global citizenship, social responsibility, collaboration, resilience and innovation to encourage both students and GTP partners to create impact on challenges we are facing worldwide.

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What our partners say

Sainsburys - Nicholas Jemetta

"The Global Talent programme is bound to set students up for success. Blending time to better understand themselves with time to hear from those in industry gives students a unique perspective. In a rapidly changing globally connected world, the skills students learn will give them a distinct competitive advantage. I wish such a programme had existed when I studied at Bournemouth. Kudos to the entire team!"

- Nicholas Jemetta – Principal Product Manager, Sainsbury's

GTP - Bill Cotton - BCP Council

"Developing and enhancing the employability skills of graduates will play a key role in helping to boost the regional economy and reduce the skills mismatch that employers are reporting. That is why we are happy to work with Bournemouth University to help promote and develop the Global Talent Programme with employers and our partners."

- Bill Cotton – Corporate Director, Regeneration and Economy at BCP Council

Nick Evans - ExtraMile Communications

"Building citizens of the future is as much about encouraging young people to understand the world as a whole, as it is about their chosen specialism. In today’s world of rising nationalism and isolationism, voices of reason that expound the benefits of a global view will not only provide balance in discussions about our place in the world, but will also help to foster trading and business relationships that will be to the benefit of all. Working with the Global Talent Programme at Bournemouth University is therefore an important part of our corporate social responsibility as a leading international marketing company."

- Nick Evans – Chairman, ExtraMile Communications

GTP - Rodrigo Bautista - Ticketpass

"I believe that initiatives like the Global Talent Programme at Bournemouth University give students the opportunity to see companies with different eyes before they their first job. Usually, soon after a student graduates, they realise that life isn’t about high grades, but continuously solving real-life problems that can directly affect hundreds of people."

- Rodrigo Bautista – Founder, Ticketpass


GTP - Brian Heppenstall - BCP Council

"It was a privilege to be a part of the Global Talent Programme. We all have the potential to affect other people’s lives and this potential increases as graduates leave university and enter the workplace. Working with the Global Talent Programme we helped raise our students’ awareness on how their work in the future might benefit others and the environment around them. As a BU Graduate, it makes me proud to have been part of a programme which introduces students to new concepts, companies, individuals, practices, values and areas of work and encourages them to consider all the different stakeholders. Students taking part in the GTP alongside their degree will become a greater asset to their future employer or to their own business, to themselves, to their communities and beyond."

- Brian Heppenstall – Senor Ranger, BCP Council

GTP - Vera Markova - Revolucia

"The Global Talent Programme is an amazing initiative which helps students to broaden their horizons and accelerate their career and personal development, bringing them closer to global issues and successful business practices. There aren't enough words to express how grateful I feel for being part of it and seeing so many positive and motivated students eager to make a difference in the world."

- Vera Markova – Founder, Revolucia: A zero waste online company

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