What is the Graduate Skills Programme (GSP)?

Skills development alongside your studies is essential to prepare for today’s world of work and employers are increasingly looking for graduates that are proficient in ‘softer’ transferable skills in addition to specialised knowledge from a degree.

The BU Graduate Skills Programme is free and available to all current BU students. It provides a structured approach to your career development and helps to build confidence in the personal and professional skills that employers are looking for and how to apply them to a job, placement or graduate position.

There are three main entry points where you as a BU student can engage with the Graduate Skills Programme: 

My Graduate Skills tab

All BU students can access their My Graduate Skills tab on the Brightspace Home Page navigation bar.

It’s so simple and easy to use alongside your studies with a wealth of online learning content to complete that will develop your professional skills and prepare you for the world of work.

Go to Brightspace

Graduate Skills Masterclasses

Employer led in person and online workshops that provide an insight into a diverse range of career paths.

Themed under several topics that data shows are the most highly sought by graduate employers locally, nationally and globally.

Explore and attend Graduate Skills Masterclasses

Graduate Skills + Award

BU’s extracurricular skills award open to all BU students. You can upload evidence of your extracurricular experiences, attendance at Graduate Skills Masterclasses, employer led projects and challenges and receive your Graduate Skills+ Award.

Available throughout your time at BU to sign up via MyCareerHub.

Sign up to Graduate Skills+

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Sign up for Graduate Skills+

New for 2022-23 – the BU Graduate Skills+ Award is the employer endorsed extracurricular skills award - open to all students.

SDP masterclasses

Graduate Skills Masterclasses

Our Graduate Skills Masterclasses run throughout the academic year and are co-delivered by the CareersBU team, BU academics and industry representatives.

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