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ResLifeBU is a programme run by staff and students to help welcome, support and encourage you throughout your time at university. This unique programme, available only in BU accommodation, works around three core principles: Social, Wellbeing and Skills, ensuring that you have access to all the things you might need whilst living in your home from home. There can be ups and there can be downs but ResLifeBU are there for you.

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Who is ResLifeBU for?

ResLifeBU is a programme for anyone living in BU accommodation. £1 of your weekly rents goes towards paying for the programme meaning it is readily accessible to you as soon as you move in. It’s for students who want to be social, students who want inclusivity and students looking for a supportive community.

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ResLife supports you across three areas:


Our Resident Assistants help organise a wide range of inclusive social activities, not only to bring the halls together but to ensure you have the greatest opportunity to meet as many new people as possible. Some of the ResLifeBU Social activities include stand-up-paddle- boarding/kayaking, Fifa tournaments, fashion shows & open mic nights.

There are also themed events such as Halloween Face Painting, Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Speed Dating right through to cooking activities such as ‘Master Chef’. We also hold larger events including the annual ‘Winter Ice Ball’ where students get to shake off the dust from their suits & ball gowns. The list could go on but we wouldn’t want to give it all away here. Whatever your interests, there is something for everyone. 

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Let’s face it, we’re all different, but whoever you are, at some point, coming to university can feel daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry. It’s okay to feel this way and we’re sure you’ll be fine once you get here and settle in. However, once here we understand that you might experience feelings of homesickness, anxiety, stress and sometimes, going unchecked, these feelings and thoughts could lead to a more acute experience of poor mental health, and again, it’s okay. This is where we can help.

Here at ResLifeBU Wellbeing, how you feel and think is important to us. ResLifeBU Wellbeing comprises everything that involves your general wellbeing and welfare  your mental and physical health, safety and overall comfort and security when living in your home from home.

Our resident Welfare Coordinators are here to assist you. Initially, they can be that friendly face to speak through any issues you might be experiencing, providing useful information you can use to move forward. In other instances, where it is more appropriate, they can signpost you on to professional BU or non-BU teams/services to get the support you need. 

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For many of us, transitioning to a life in university can be a little tricky. ResLifeBU Skills are here to help guide and support you through this next big chapter of your life.

Our team focus is on helping you have a smooth transition into university life and then go on to live and learn independently, becoming rounded and experienced members of the BU community. Our initial focus is on how to prepare for your arrival to your new accommodation to give you the softest landing possible.

Once you’ve moved and settled we then offer opportunities to develop existing skills or learn new ones. This includes anything from learning how to cook, how to set and keep to a budget, how to live a sustainable life and learning new hobbies, through to how to write a CV, interview tips, essay writing, revision and presentation skills. Everything we hope you will need to set you up for success during your first year at BU and beyond.

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