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Exclusive for those living in the BU accommodation portfolio, ResLifeBU is a programme to help welcome, support and develop you through your first year living with us, whilst managing the health, safety and wellbeing for everybody living there. Due to the current situation many of the social activities we will be running from September will need to be adjusted to ensure that we can deliver them safely and in line with government guidance. However, we have think we have been able to create an exciting programme that will help you to meet people, make those connections and transition into your new life here at BU. 

The programme, available only in BU accommodation, works around three core principles: Social, Wellbeing and Skills, ensuring that you have access to all the things you might need while living in your new home from home. More details on our 2020/21 programme will be released via our ResLifeBU social media so, once you've secured your room, make sure you get connected.

There will be ups and there might be downs but ResLifeBU is there to help guide you through...

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Who is ResLifeBU for?

ResLifeBU is a programme for anyone living in BU accommodation. £1.25 of your weekly rent goes towards funding the programme, meaning it is readily accessible to you as soon as you move in. It’s for students who want to be social, students who want inclusivity and students looking to live within a supportive community.

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ResLife supports you across three areas:


Our ResLife Team organise a broad range of inclusive social activities to ensure you have the best opportunity to meet as many new people as possible.

Some of the ResLifeBU Social activities we’ve run in the past include stand-up-paddleboarding/kayaking, Fifa tournaments, book club, fashion shows and open mic nights.

There are also theme events such as Halloween Face Painting, Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Speed Dating right through to cooking activities such as ‘Master Chef’. The list could go on but we wouldn’t want to give it all away here.

We’re also always on the lookout for new ideas for activities so if you fancy yourself as a party planner then let us know and we can see how we can support you run your own event.

Whatever your interests, there is something for everyone. 

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Let’s face it, we’re all different, but whoever you are, at some point, coming to university might feel daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry. It’s okay to feel this way and we’re sure, once you get here and settle in, you’ll be fine. However, once here we understand you might experience feelings of homesickness, anxiety, stress and sometimes, going unchecked, these feelings and thoughts could lead to varying levels of poor mental health, and again, it’s okay. This is where we can help.

Here at ResLifeBU Wellbeing, how you feel and think is important to us. ResLifeBU Wellbeing focuses on everything related to your general wellbeing and welfare, giving you the best chance to settle in, feel safe, find your support network and be a part of the BU community.

Our team are on-hand to assist you if you need them, being that friendly face to speak about any issues you might be experiencing, providing useful information you can use to move forward and, where it is more appropriate, getting you to the professional BU or non-BU services who are best placed to support you.

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For many of us, transitioning to a new independent life in university can sometimes be a little tricky. ResLifeBU Skills is here to help guide and support you through this next big chapter of your life.

Our team’s focus will initially be on helping you have a smooth transition into university life and then to go on to live and learn independently, becoming rounded and successful members of the BU community.

Once you’ve moved into your new BU accommodation, settled in and made your friends we then offer opportunities to develop existing skills or learn new ones. This can include:

  • Living skills to help you adapt to your new independent life, such as how to shop on a budget, cook healthy and tasty meals, how to overcome disputes with flatmates and keep your accommodation clean and tidy.
  • Co-curricular skills to help you make the most of your formal academic learning opportunities, such as how to write a great CV, essay writing & revision tips and presentation skills.
  • Extra-curricular skills because University is more than just your formal academic learning so if you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar, take great photos or paint a masterpiece then we can help make this happen.

‘Skills’ covers everything we hope you will need to set you up for success during your first year at BU and beyond.

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