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Private rental accommodation

On this page, you will find useful information and guidance to assist with your search for accommodation in the private sector. 

Starting your search

Letting agents – there are lots of letting agents in the local area who provide housing options for students. BU is not affiliated with any of them and therefore cannot make specific recommendations. If you conduct an internet search for "Bournemouth student letting agents", or similar, then lists of these agents will come up for you to contact. 

Always ensure you are dealing with a legitimate agent and to avoid being scammed we recommend you read the SUBU Advice on what to think about to avoid rogue landlords and agents. 

Private halls of residences – there are also a number of private halls of residence in Bournemouth. Although we are aware that many are fully booked or with very limited availability, they might be running waiting lists you can join. Some options to try are: Belaton House, Mercury House, Winton Halls, The Artisan, Lulworth Student Co. Skyline and Oxford Point (please note: BU is not affiliated to any of these halls of residence so is unable to endorse or recommend).

HomeStay – local families who have rooms available to rent in their homes. You can contact Residential Services for our list of local Home Stay options and also search the website (please note: BU is not affiliated in any way to so is unable to endorse or recommend).

Looking for other BU students to share a house with?

We have set up a HomeFinders Facebook page to help students find housemates. You can go here and advertise what you are looking for. It's a great way to speed up your search and exchange information with other students who are also looking.

Looking for or advertising spare rooms?

You can also use the HomeFinders Facebook page to look for other students who are advertising spare rooms in their current student houses.

What to look for in your search

There are several key things you should be aware of when you are thinking of renting a property privately, including:

  • References – usually your landlord will ask for UK references; they may accept overseas references but this will be at the landlord’s discretion. If you are struggling to find a suitable referee then there are providers who you can approach that might be able to help: and Housinghand are both organisations that offer help to students in need of a referee (please note: BU is in no way affiliated with these external companies and therefore is unable to formally recommend either).
  • Rent – expect to pay between £350 to £450 per room per month. In some cases, your landlord or letting agent may ask for rent to be paid in advance. Again, this will be at the discretion of the landlord.
  • Deposit – this will normally be one month to five weeks' rent and payable at the time of booking. Make sure you have money set aside to pay for your deposit. This should go into a secure deposit scheme to protect you and your landlord when your tenancy ends.
  • Bills – these will not be included in your rent. Budget between £40 to £60 per month.
  • Signing a contract – get someone who knows about private renting to check your contract before you sign it. Pop into the Student Advice Centre, which is run by the Students’ Union, to find someone who can help you.

For a comprehensive list of things to consider you can read our Homefinders Checklist.

SUBU Advice has a lot of useful Housing Advice and staff in the Student Advice Team who can provide you with assistance on a range of issues relating to renting if you need it, including checking over your accommodation contract. 

Found your student house? What to do before you move in...

We recommend that you watch our series of videos that provide helpful advice and guidance on what to consider before you arrive, how to set up your new student home, and tips for living in the wider Bournemouth community.

Got a question?

You can call our team on 01202 969696 or email