Living in student accommodation

Find out what you need to know about living in student accommodation including contracts, keys, bills, bins, security, maintenance, neighbours and more.

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Moving into your new home

How to check your contract terms and conditions and set up payments, confirm move in dates, where to collect keys and why your inventory is important.
A SUBU Officer talking to the camera

Setting up your home

How to set up bills for gas, electric, water, internet and your TV licence, using appliances supplied with the property and how to report maintenance issues.
Two students outside a house

Living in the community

When to put your bins out (and tidy them away), be considerate towards your neighbours, what Noise Abatement Notices mean, parking issues and other disputes.
A SUBU Officer talking to the camera

Safety and security

Make sure your property is fire safe, be aware of personal safety when you're out and about in the evenings, keep your property and valuables secure, and why you should get contents insurance.

How SUBU Advice can help

If you're experiencing housing issues, SUBU Advice can provide independent information, guidance and support.

To ensure that you're in the know, read the guidance on SUBU's Find Your House webpage which includes details on: fees, guarantors, a handy checklist to use when viewing properties, how to protect yourself from accommodation fraud, and tips on how to avoid student rental scams. 

Students in accommodation

Useful information and forms

Find out about additional accommodation charges, BU bank transfer details and how to request a transfer or withdrawal.