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Living in student accommodation

Living in student accommodation

Moving into your new student house can be a stressful experience. You will need to know the terms of your new accommodation contract, where to get your keys, how to set up your utility bills, where the gas and electric meter is, what days your bins get picked up, how to use your washing machine, keeping your property secure, what to do when something breaks and how to be a good neighbour. Fear not, you can now watch our four helpful videos covering moving into your accommodation, setting up your home, living in the community, and tips for safety and security.

More information

SUBU Advice can also provide independent support and information if you have any housing issues. To ensure you're in the know, read the anti-scam guidance on SUBU's finding your house page; which includes how to protect yourself against accommodation fraud, tips on how to avoid student rental scams and the five types of fraud that students are particularly vulnerable to.

Still looking for accommodation? You can visit our accommodation options for current students webpage for more information on how we can help.

Students in accommodation

Useful information and forms

Find out about additional accommodation charges, BU bank transfer details and how to request a transfer or withdrawal.

The Student Centre

SUBU Advice

Free independent and confidential advice on housing, money and personal matters offered by BU Students' Union.