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ResLifeBU Skills relate to everything and anything a student may need to set them up for success during their first year and beyond at Bournemouth:

  • Living skills to help you adapt to your new independent life, such as how to shop on a budget, cook healthy and tasty meals, how to overcome disputes with flatmates and keep your accommodation clean and tidy.
  • Co-curricular skills to help you make the most of your formal academic learning opportunities, such as how to write a great CV, essay writing & revision tips and presentation skills.
  • Extra-curricular skills because University is more than just your formal academic learning so if you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar, take great photos or paint a masterpiece then we can help make this happen.

See below for some of the activities ResLifeBU Skills covers during your stay with us.

Helpful Tips & Resource

Study Skills (supporting you with your academic success)

Our Additional Learning Support & Library & Learning Support aim to ensure students are self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners and deliver useful worshops on topics that will give you that extra help with your course of studies, including such areas as: referencing, exam techniques, time management and much more. ResLifeBU promote these sessions and recommend that take you take advantage of these FREE extras only available for BU students! 


Cooking Skills (check out our masterclass videos)

ReslifeBU Roast Chicken
ReslifeBU Shepards Pie
ReslifeBU 10 Spice Chicken Curry
ReslifeBU Fully Loaded Nachos

Ready, Steady, Cook!? Master Chef Classes? Come Dine with me between halls? Christmas Meal Competition?

Learning the skill of cooking is a MUST when moving away for the first time to University. Here at ResLifeBU HQ not only do we provide recipes on our social media pages, but we also bring in Chefs to teach you a thing or two about whipping up some tasty grub with your flatmates. Our ‘Come Dine with Me' sessions run through the year in which flats sign up to go to other flats and take turns cooking a meal for each other. Much like the popular T.V show, we film the sessions to play back for the students simply for some good old fashion banter! Mate Chef Classes involves us bring the professionals to you, getting local chefs to come in and show students how to cook together. As we close in towards the Christmas period, those (mainly international) students staying behind for Christmas are provided the chance to get together and compete in the Christmas Meal Competition! Learning to cook a traditional English roast dinner!

Who from BU will be the next Jamie Oliver?

Life Skills (supporting you in your new independent life)

Transitioning from college/sixth form to University life and living away from home for the first time can be a real shock!  Inevitably, we know that some students run into disputes over initially minor matters involving communal cleaning, noise, and theft of things like bread and milk, which, when left to fester, can escalate into major crises cause real problems. When ResLifeBU HQ receives reports of these kind our first response is to encourage you to work it out between yourselves, as this is the best for the longterm and how you will learn the most from these very normal situations. However, if you've tried that, and tried it again but things are getting really tricky then we can step in and mediate to give you general advice on how you could resolve the situation yourselves. We won't do it for you, though!

“Even Peter Pan had to grow up one day!”

Budgeting Skills (count the pennies and the £s will take care of themselves)

Leading up to your first day University can be daunting, and everyone knows that there is no magical money tree, especially whilst studying and living at University! This being said, if managed well, you can flourish throughout your time at BU and not run into money trouble… Here at ResLifeBU HQ we run focus groups and collated information from current students that have given their top tips for you to bear in mind before coming to BU to save the pennies:

Create a finances spreadsheet and keep to it!

Jessica Burton

“Get onto excel and make a spreadsheet of your forecasted budget so you know what you expect to spend over the coming term. I’m not talking kitchen utensils and on off costs such as your bedding, your parents can sort that out for you if you’re lucky ;) Write down your weekly/monthly expenses such going out/socialising, transport, food, gym membership, sports membership, clothes, course materials and all that jazz. But be honest with yourself! 

Jessica Burton | Business Studies

Take the hard cash out of the machine week-by-week!

Leon Thuranira

“Spending money with your trusty contactless card can be all too easy, OOHHHH SOOO EASY! Don’t be fooled, take the cash that you want to spend each week out of the machine and don’t spend over this, by the end of the week you will feel much better about yourself. This I found extremely helpful as it allowed me to realise exactly what I was spending each day, and not get that extra coffee when I didn’t really need it”  

Leonne Thuranira |

Food, food and more food!

Ellie Papworth

”Food is important people, yet so many of my friends, including me, crack open the beans on toast each week as we spent too much money on things we didn’t really need. My top tips; firstly, head for the reduced shelf at the right time, just before the shops close, you can get some tasty deals!  Secondly, when doing your weekly shop, make sure you are not hungry! I used to shop after the gym, bad move, my bill was always, always more expensive. Lastly, cook in bulk with your flatmates, not only is this way cheaper but its good fun and means you get into the kitchen and socialise!”  

Ellie Papworth | IT Management

Get a student job and become an RA!

Sho Kubota

“As an RA my-self having a job at Uni brings you in a healthy income and takes lots of the stress away. The simple correlation between those that work part-time and have money and those that do not work at all and have none is undeniable. Get a job people! As an RA it is the highest paid student job and you can earn lots and lots, it’s a no brainer to apply!”

Sho Kubota | Accounting & Finance