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Coming to University for the first time can be very daunting for some students, and at some point to differing degrees most will feel homesick, anxious, stressed and sometimes if these issues are left unchecked, could experience more serious health issues, such as depression. ResLifeBU Wellbeing comprises everything that involves supporting your welfare, health, safety and overall comfort and security when living within our accommodation. 

Our team of Resident Assistants run events and activities that assist with your transition into University accommodation and that promote the benefits of communal living and positive wellbeing, all helping you to keep your stress levels to a manageable level. However, during times where you might feel overwhelmed or under pressure you can contact your ResLife Welfare Coordinator who will be happy to chat via email, phone or face to face.

The Welfare Coordinators assist those students who are experiencing difficulties during their time in BU accommodation. Initially they are there to chat over your concerns, which could be anything from: discussions on academic issues you're having; feelings of isolation and loneliness to more serious concerns about your own wellbeing. From these discussions they can recommend and/or put you in touch with services within BU that can help, e.g. SportBU, SUBU Clubs & Societies or for students with more serious concerns they can help you get the extra support you might require by signposting to the relevant professional service, e.g. our on-campus Student Wellbeing Team or Medical Centre, or external agencies such as the Big White Wall or the Retreat.

Welfare, Health & Stress-free Activities

Welfare Coordinators

The most vital information to take from our wellbeing section is our Welfare Coordinators contacts. This is so that if you’re ever feeling anxious/depressed, homesick or even just a little low, you know exactly who to get in touch with. Our Welfare Coordinators can be a friendly point of contact and refer you onto others that may be able to help further depending on what it is you speak with them about.

Unilet residents should email and a Welfare Coordinator will be assigned and make contact with you.

Mindful drinking communities

In 2018 the NUS (National Union of Students) conducted a survey with 2,215 students. Their findings show that 20% of students get drunk on purpose about once a week. However, 21% say they don’t drink alcohol at all (never or have stopped drinking). 

NUS Vice President (Welfare) Eva Crossan Jory said:
“It is clear that students’ drinking habits have changed with a comparative section of the student population not drinking at all. While many students are making active decisions about their drinking it is concerning that university life is still strongly associated with excessive alcohol consumption. However the reality for many is that high levels of personal debt and the pressure to do well means many are going out less and studying more. The cost of living crisis facing students now also means after bills and food it may not be possible for students to spend on other things such as nights out or drink"

Here at ResLifeBU HQ, whilst we want you to have an amazing time and immerse yourselves in the excitement of Freshers' Week, we'd also like to encourage the concept of mindful drinking. Mindful drinking is an attitude. It's the attitude that you can change the way you think and feel about alcohol for the better. When you drink mindfully, you become aware of how your body and mind are affected and can decide whether you're drinking for the right reasons. You get that bit of space to pause, reflect & take control of your actions. For many people, this can involve swapping some alcoholic drinks for non-alcoholic ones, sticking to a certain number or type of drinks, choosing lower-alcohol options or cutting out alcohol entirely to pursue another goal (exams, projects, fitness, etc).

More information can be found at the Be Rebel AF event page.

Stress-free activities

If you’re feeling a little stressed or anxious about passing exams do not fear as ResLife has got you covered! We put on free yoga sessions and bring groups together for beach runs/walks, provide fruit in receptions, full body/head & shoulder massages, and even bring dogs in to help you relax and de-stress! All in order to give your brains a breather and help you catch a break in between your revision.

Throughout the year we have activities such as the Mental Health Week, in which we bring whiteboards into receptions and students write down their daily stresses letting others know they are not alone; all the while leaving space for inspirations to push you through the day! Not to mention our beach cleans, fundraising events for various charities such as our annual Doughnut Day for Cancer Research and poster competitions for Random Acts of Kindness Week to name a few. All just a small taste of what we have on offer to give back to YOU the students and to the community.


Rauni Barros

“As a Master’s student, coming back to live in halls has really brought me back to a "new to uni" type of lifestyle which I didn't think I'd have again. Res Life is amazing and it has really helped me to meet new people and interact with the rest of the students here at my accommodation. I have seen the difference they make across my accommodation for other students and everyone loves them! Their activities and events are always fun and have created unforgettable memories for me in my time here so far, I cannot thank them enough. Every single week, there is something new to do, getting me out of my room and exploring Bournemouth! We have done scavenger hunts, excursions, meals together, gone to the Escape Rooms and the list goes on. It's like having your own personal tour guide for Bournemouth giving you all the tips of what is best to do in the area.

The Res Life representatives have all been extremely sociable and helped me out with anything that I have needed from the beginning. Also, they have always made sure to keep me informed and involved with everything that is going on or things that are coming up which are what new students want from their reps. All in all, they become your friends just like any other student would, which is amazing and truly adds to the experience!

Overall, I think that I made the best choice in coming back to live in halls and because of that decision I was able to take part in some really fun activities, eat amazing free food and meet some great people along the way! Without Res Life the experience would not have been even close to as good as it has been with it! #ShoutOutResLife ”

Rauni Barros | Msc Student , Chesil House