At ResLifeBU, we provide you with opportunities to settle-in, meet new friends and have a great experience throughout the year with our planned programme of events, activities, and excursions. 

From the moment you arrive, ResLifeBU organise events that help you get to know each other and form those all-important friendships and peer-support networks. With things happening each and every week during term-time, you’ll always have something to do!  

Check out the following examples for a taste of what we delivered last year for our students. 

Excursions and Activities (outside the accommodation):

  • Beach Volleyball 
  • Beach Cleans 
  • Excursions to Areas of Natural Beauty 
  • ResLifeBU ‘Colour Run’ 
  • Surfing lessons 
  • Beach Yoga  
  • Beach Dog Walk/Jog 
  • Mini Golf  
  • Poole Quay Fireworks  
  • Rock Climbing  
  • Aquarium Trips 
  • Winter Wonderland  
  • Guided Beryl Bike Rides to Iconic Locations 
  • Forest Bathing  
  • Pumpkin Picking 
  • Theatre Trips 
  • Ice Skating  
  • London Comic Con 
  • Beach/Park Picnics  
  • Poole Lighthouse Comedy Shows 

Events & Activities (inside the accommodation): 

  • Murder Mystery 
  • Open Mic Night 
  • Pamper Nights 
  • Movie Nights 
  • Crazy Creatures / BugsLife Roadshow  
  • Arts & Crafts Workshops  
  • Wellness Roadshow 
  • Quiz Nights 
  • Brunches 
  • Pancake Day 
  • Journaling Workshop 
  • ‘Jack Box’ Party  
  • Mindfulness & Breathwork 
  • Creative Writing Workshop 
  • BBQ’s & Outdoor Games  
  • Cooking Lessons  

ResLifeBU ‘Clubs’ (bi-weekly)

Meet like-minded students and choose between a host of extra-curricular clubs. Meeting on Wednesday afternoons/evening, the aim is to build community throughout the halls of residence, and provide students the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and shape hobbies into their lifestyles that last. Our clubs for 2022-23: 

‘The Artist Hub’ 

Unique, creative, and ‘crafty’ opportunities, such as pottery making workshops, landscape painting lessons, charcoal drawing sessions, gallery excursions, and life drawing, to name a few.  

‘Book Chat’ 

Topical, and deep discussions, with the opportunity to attend theatre trips, social events and more. You’ll meet at different locations bi-weekly, enjoy food and drinks, and discuss a host of books chosen to inspire meaningful conversation.  

‘Gaming Club’ 

Located at ‘Centre VR’ in Bournemouth town center, one of Europe’s largest virtual reality venues, with over 30 stations of the highest quality VR headsets, and over 100 top game, adventure, experience, and education titles, meet other passionate gamers, and experience some of the best gaming in Europe.  

‘Yoga Club’ 

Located at ‘One for All Hot Yoga’ in the heart of Bournemouth, the studio has a modern, light, airy feel. No matter your background, age, gender, experience, or ability, you’re welcome to join our community and take control of your own wellbeing.  

How to get involved?  

When you arrive at your accommodation, you’ll be given instant access to all our events, activities, and excursions, as part of living in our ResLifeBU accommodation. Tickets for all our events are located on ‘Eventbrite’. To access these tickets, you will be sent a weekly email with a link to our event’s ‘hub’ through ‘Linktree’. Just click through and follow the instructions to get involved. Alternatively, scan our ‘QR codes’ located in your reception which will take you through to the events ‘hub’, or find us on your individual ‘Facebook’ groups, where links will be published on a weekly basis.  

Failing this, speak to your reception team or one of our dedicated ResLifeBU staff members. Our team will be onsite each week operating a pop-up ‘Info Point’ in your accommodation's social space, where you can find out what’s on and sign up. Ask your reception team for when your ResLifeBU pop-up ‘Info Point’ is scheduled, to meet the team and get involved! 

ResLifeBU really is the best way to make new friends and ease those first steps as you transition into this new chapter in your lives. 

From the start, being part of the ResLifeBU student community gives you the perfect opportunity to create friendships that, in many cases, will last for years to come! 

Check out the below gallery for a taste of some of our previous activities and events!  

Steven Thomas

“I was talking with a friend earlier & we were saying how Res Life is the most useful university service have. In the first few weeks it gets you out and I've met quiet few people. The scavenger hunt helped me know Bournemouth also which was great!”

Steven Thomas | BA (Hons) Product Design


“It's great Res Life staff are students, that live with us. They're really approachable and the events get me out of my room at times that I would not be”.

Simone | MA Events Management

Ben White

“As a non-drinker, ResLife was a chance to socialise with other students without that uncomfortable feeling that I don’t fit in”.

Ben White | BSc (Hons) Computing

George Madden

“RES life is a superb social group; it helped me come out of my shell! University life wouldn't be the same with Res Life; it allowed to go out and make more friends, more than just the ones in my flat”

George Marden | BA (Hons) Product Design

Henry Wade

“Without res life we simply wouldn't be out socialising the way that we are. You'd stay with your own flat. It really helped get out of my shell!”

Henry Wade | BA (Hons) Product Design