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Extracurricular opportunities at BU

Extracurricular opportunities at BU

Extracurricular activities are a large part of the student experience for many of you during your time at university.

From being a PAL leader, a student ambassador, a society member or volunteering for one of the many opportunities available through the Student’s Union, there is a wealth of opportunities available for you.

The Skills Development Programme aims to not only support you in finding these opportunities but also to self-reflect on these experiences and articulate the transferrable skills that you are developing from taking part in them.

A good starting point to engage with extracurricular activity at BU is to look at our opportunities page available on MyCareerHub.

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What is the Skills Development Programme?

The SDP provides a structured approach to your career development with a set of skills masterclasses, real-life challenges, extracurricular activities and digital resources.

SDP masterclasses

Skills masterclasses

A core element of our Skills Development Programme are the Skills masterclasses that run throughout the academic year and are co-delivered by the CareersBU team, BU academics and industry representatives.

SDP Student stories

Student stories

Check out our student stories and read about the highlights of their BU experience.