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About the mural

In February 2016 a mural started appearing on a non-descript wall around the corner from some of the university’s buildings on our Lansdowne Campus. It was the creation of graffiti artist Rick Walker and his company Paintshop Studio as part of the Get it Right from a Genuine Site campaign to raise awareness of the rights of creative artists.

His eye-catching artwork caught our attention, so we approached him about creating a second mural on our Talbot Campus to showcase the university’s fusion of research, education and professional practice - and to help tie the two campuses together.

On June 6 2016, Rick started working on the mural, which is representative of the diverse research our academics and students are involved with. You’ll find more information about the research and links to professional practice featured in the case studies in this section - we’ve covered everything from Oscar-winning visual effects and journalism in the wake of the Nepal earthquake, to face recognition and slipway design for RNLI lifeboats.

In the space of just four days, Rick has transformed a blank, grey wall into a masterpiece that truly represents the varied and exciting projects going on at BU all the time.