While some BU grads stay local to work after graduation, others use their degree to travel the world and work abroad. One such BU graduate is Miles Green, who works for visual effects company Animal Logic in Sydney, Australia.

After graduating from BU with a degree in Computer Animation and Visualisation, Miles’ first foray into the world of work was at BU, working as a demonstrator on the computer animation courses.

Miles reflected on his move from BU to Australia saying, “In those 3 years [at BU] I had the opportunity to focus on my own projects, specialise in FX processes and also get to know the Computer Animation course’s visiting lecturers very well. One of these visiting lecturers had travelled from California from George Lucas's company ILM and shortly after visiting Bournemouth he moved to Australia to supervise the FX department on a new penguin film called 'Happy Feet'.

“I was in luck - Animal Logic offered me an interview to join the FX team, and other than a short break I've been here for 10 years and now supervise the FX Department.”

Subsequently, Miles has had the chance to work on movies such as The Great Gatsby and The Lego Movie, using the skills he gained during his course in the process.

Miles continued, “I was very lucky that the course I studied covered a wide scope of 3D topics. Unlike most 3D courses it did not just focus on teaching computer software but taught both the technical background fundamentals of 3D such as Programming, Scripting and Mathematics.

“The course also complemented the technical work by encouraging our creative side though life drawing, character design, story boarding, and film language.

“This broad spectrum of teaching was also combined with projects that were co-run with industry practitioners and backed up with specialist industry and talks. All of this prepared me for the wide range of challenges we face most days in creating shots and tools for visual effects.”

The broad spectrum of teaching is as appreciated by employers as it is by employees. Nick Hore is a recruiter at Animal Logic and said, “Generally Bournemouth graduates come to Animal Logic with a good blend of artistic and technical skills, and a solid grounding in the whole digital production process. They have a sense of where they are in terms of their career development and are open to learn and be a part of a team.”

Animal Logic currently has six BU graduates based in Australia, with a further two working in Miles’ team. Nick Hore explains why BU graduates are the sort of animators the industry needs, “We like new graduates to be aware that they are just starting out on their career and have a whole lifetime of learning ahead of them. They should have a strong and genuine interest in their field and in film making in general.

“Most people starting out with us come in to a specific department but we do like people who are willing and able to try new disciplines and tools. And finally we like people who are prepared to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty, if that’s not a mixed metaphor. Bournemouth grads tend to have all of these characteristics, so yes, they are well prepared.”

Meeting another BU graduate is not uncommon in Miles’ line of work – in fact, animators with a BU degree can be found in most visual effects company. Miles said, “It’s almost impossible to go to any large computer animation company and not find a Bournemouth 3D graduate. Currently there are 6 working at Animal logic, but I've worked some shorter stints at 3D companies where the graduate number has been close to 100. 

“Many of the London based companies have so many Bournemouth graduates, that to outsiders, it may feel like a strange cult! It can come in very handy when you're working and travelling to new countries. You can turn up somewhere new and there's always a friendly Bournemouth face happy to show you around. It’s also worth noting this industry can be great to travel and see the world. I'd encourage any graduates to apply overseas, we are always looking for talented crew!”

Animal Logic was established in 1991 and currently boasts studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver, as well as Sydney. Animal Logic’s film credits include Avengers: Age of Ultron, 300, and The Lego Movie. For more information about Animal Logic, visit www.animallogic.com.

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