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Welcome to the 2019/20 TeamBU season and version of The Huddle. The Huddle will hit your mailbox at the end of every week and will keep you up to date with everything TeamBU and Performance Sport at BU.

Varsity Nostalgia!

This year, we want your favorite Varsity moments to fill our social media during the 5th and 6th May! Please email over any photos, short videos and comments that you want to share from your favourite varsity memory! Email them over to [email protected], and you'll see it appear on our social media on the 5th and 6th May! #BUvSolent #Varsitythrowback

TeamBU Weekly Challenges!

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for weekly quizzes and challenges, you might be lucky enough to spot your teammates or yourself! @teambusport @TeamBUPS #ISOLAFUN

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Find out more information about Performance Sport teams and SportBU, including our current offers, on our website.   If you have any items that you would like included in The Huddle, or any feedback, please email TeamBU.