We have defined what our strategy means for our stakeholders – the outcomes that we expect to see by 2025 for students, staff and society:

Culture and communities

We have established our distinctive Fusion culture and communities

  • We have a world-wide reputation for our distinctive co-created Fusion approach
  • Our vibrant Fusion communities are collaborative, inclusive and resilient and connected worldwide
  • The BU learning experience is personalised, inter-disciplinary and consistently excellent

Thriving through Fusion

Our students and staff thrive through Fusion

  • We attract and develop students and staff who thrive as lifelong learners through Fusion
  • Staff lead in their disciplines and professions and as members of high performing teams
  • We have a diverse and inclusive environment that enables achievement for all

Growth and development

We are a catalyst for sustainable social, environmental and economic growth and development

  • We are a catalyst for impact by advancing knowledge, creativity and innovation
  • We drive social and economic growth and development through our staff, students and graduates
  • We lead thinking on sustainability and support the development of the region

Impact and global challenges

Global Festival of Learning in IndiaWe enrich society by having a significant impact on challenges worldwide

  • Through Fusion we have a positive impact worldwide on the challenges facing society
  • Staff, students and graduates enrich society as active citizens in their communities
  • Our world-wide partnerships strengthen our shared impact