The data we hold about you is collected or generated in the following ways:

  • Collected internally from BU’s Student Records system, at the point at which you move from being a student to an alumnus. This includes your name, gender, residential address, student number, email address, date of birth, course studied, award and year of graduation.
  • Collected directly from you: for instance through the alumni details form completed by you and subsequently through your expressed preferences for your continued involvement with BU (e.g. volunteering), through donations made or pledged to BU and all your contacts and engagements with BU staff.
  • Collected from other third parties using publically available information (for instance, if you have given permission to be listed as a donor to another charity’s project or have published your employment details on LinkedIn).
  • Collected from nomination forms (for instance for Honorary Graduates or Alumni Awards).
  • Collected via due diligence research using publically available sources (e.g. company directorships via Companies House).

The data we hold about you may include some special category data, which is subject to extra protections under data protection laws.  This is identified and explained in sections 4 and 5 of this Notice.

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