Bournemouth University has been collaborating with global tourism and hospitality organisations for years. Our staff advise local, regional and national governments on economic modelling, tourism planning, marketing, eTourism, sustainability, employability and education issues. We also work with tourism and hospitality businesses on issues related to strategy, marketing and management, human resources and customer service training.

As one of the largest departments of tourism and hospitality in the world, we have expertise in many fields, allowing us to address issues in a multidisciplinary and multicultural way.

We are proud of our close industry collaborations that enable us to co-create the best professional practice through constant interaction and engagement. We are privileged to work in Bournemouth and Poole, a living tourism and hospitality lab, which supports our research and teaching to have great relevance and impact in the global marketplace and allows us to shape the future.

We work closely with a number of professional organisations, including the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, VisitBritain, VisitScotland, VisitWiltshire, Bournemouth, Tourism, Merlin Entertainments, TUI, Hilton Hotels and Corinthia Hotels, among others.

Our work is truly global, as our staff come from a range of countries including Mauritius, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Ireland, China, Lithuania, Iran and Egypt. It is this international and multidisciplinary perspective that enables us to co-create innovations around the world.

We are keen to develop partnerships with regional, national and international tourism and hospitality organisations to explore mutual benefits. We work closely with our alumni, many of whom are in significant managerial positions around the world. We are also in the process of creating a regional and international advisory board with our key partnerships to support co-creation, nurture future talent and facilitate innovative knowledge.

We aspire to work closely with you on employability, as well as research and knowledge co-creation, and to deliver expert consultancy services, all of which drives the future innovation agenda globally. We welcome your partnership, involvement, engagement and interaction towards co-creating value through a range of initiatives.