Academic staff

Dr Richard Paul  |  Publications
Principal Academic in Forensic Science
Clinical and forensic toxicology, hair analysis for drugs of abuse and alcohol, stress monitoring using cortisol hair analysis, alcohol bio-markers and addiction, drug facilitated assault .

Paul Cheetham  |  Publications
Senior Lecturer in Archaeological Science
Archaeological geophysical survey specialising in: individual and mass graves, multi-technique surveys involving electromagnetics, novel earth resistivity arrays, recovery and recording methods, bioturbation and buried evidence, remote sensing of mass graves.

Tilak Ginige  |  Publications
Senior Lecturer - Environmental Law
Environmental law, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law.

Paul Kneller  |  Publications
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science
Analytical Chemistry, Wildlife Forensics.

Dr Martin J Smith  |  Publications
Principal Academic, Forensic & Biological Anthropology
Human remains from prehistory to the present, Violence and warfare in the past, Injuries to the skeleton, Postmortem changes to the body, Ethics in Human Osteoarchaeology.

Dr Poppy McLaughlin  |  Publications
Lecturer in Forensic Science
Forensic Toxicology.

Alex Otto  |  Publications
Demonstrator: Forensic Science
Crime scene investigation and examination.

Nicola Jones
Demonstrator: Forensic Science
Analytical toxicology.

Chris Dwen
Demonstrator: Forensic Science
Forensic Entomology, Blood Pattern Analysis.

Emeritus Professor David M Osselton  
Analytical forensic toxicology, Stability of drugs in Biological Tissues, Drugs in Oral Fluid, Toxicology of New Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Substances, Pharmacogenomics, Interpretation of drug concentrations in human tissues and effects on behaviour, Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault.

Visiting fellows

Dean Baldwin  |  Abingdon Health Ltd.

Jo Millington  |  ArroGen Forensics Limited 
Senior Forensic Scientist, Blood Pattern Analysis. 

Jonathan Smith  |  National Crime Agency
National Forensic Advisor.