The Forensic Science Research Group at Bournemouth University is a multi-disciplinary team investigating critical issues in the field of forensic science. We are focused on four key research themes:

  1. Clinical toxicology and biomedical science
  2. Post-mortem processes
  3. Anti-counterfeiting
  4. Recovery and interpretation of forensic evidence.

The Group is embedded in the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science at Bournemouth University. Our research is designed to support policy development and implementation, and we have strong links with many institutions, practicing professionals and policy makers regionally and internationally. 

Specialist interests include, amongst others: clinical toxicology; biomedical science; analytical drug analysis, vibrational spectroscopy (Raman, Infrared and near Infrared) and chemometrics; analysis of the processes of human decomposition as a biological function, recognition and understanding of taphonomic changes and the derivation of the minimum post mortem interval (PMImin) by means of entomological analysis; the changes to PMImin brought about by the presence of narcotic and pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol and their metabolites; microbial interaction with insects during the decomposition process; post mortem changes in hard and soft tissues; the application of the above to law, crime scene and accident investigation, mass disasters and presentation in court. Such studies also have application for improving interpretation of human remains from archaeological contexts, thereby cross linking across the Department.

We have working associations with Dorset Police and Police Scotland, Department for Transport and The Environment Agency, and a wide range of instrument manufacturers and forensic and toxicology labs across the UK and Europe.

The Forensic Science Research Group is internationally recognised for its knowledge transfer activities, consultancy and scientific support, research programme, professional development opportunities and short courses and investigations. Collaborations are in place with specialists in Australia, Croatia, England (UK), France, Germany, India, Peru, Scotland (UK), USA.

Follow Richard Paul, Principal Academic in Forensic Science at Bournemouth University @RichardPaulUK.