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Archaeology & Anthropology

Department of Archaeology & Anthropology

We have a team of experts within this department committed to educating the next generation of archaeologists and anthropologists, furthering the understanding of and knowledge within their chosen fields through varied research projects.

A creative and innovative research culture is at the heart of what we do, to better understand humankind by the investigation and interpretation of things inherited from the past; societies and cultures.

Research defines our status and our impact on both national and international decision-makers and policy. As researchers, we collaborate with a wide range of organisations around the world, including the European CommissionGerman Archaeological Institute National TrustEnglish Heritage and The Environment Agency.

As a student, you have excellent opportunities to develop your fieldwork skills on real and simulated forensic and archaeological sites, as well as visiting some of the South West's most prestigious historical sites, such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Corfe Castle. All our students can participate in our Archaeological Field School, our annual excavation.

Our courses

Institute Studies Landscape Human Evolution hero

Institute for Studies in Landscape and Human Evolution

The Institute for Studies in Landscape and Human Evolution is focused on tackling questions from a landscape-based perspective, integrating palaeoanthropology, ecology, remote sensing of modern analogues and both earth and computer science.

Our facilities

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Anthropology lab

We hold one of the largest human remains collections among UK universities - find out more about how it’s used during our courses.

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Professor Kate Welham

Our staff

Meet our staff and find out more about their specialisms.
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The Archaeological Field School

The Place project is our annual archaeological excavation field school at a rich historical site in the heart of Dorset. Learn how to get involved, and see some of our most impressive finds over the past few years.