Our dynamic and expanding department offers a range of well-balanced courses in the areas of games and music/audio technologies.

We are a member of TIGA, the trade association representing UK games developers. Our music/audio courses are accredited by JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support) on behalf of the Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS). All our courses are delivered by staff involved in cutting-edge research in related subject areas.

We have specifically designed our courses in collaboration with industry to ensure our students graduate with the knowledge and skills required by employers. 

Regular guest speakers from relevant industries ensure our students are kept up to date on practical issues.

Our emphasis is to combine recognised professional practice in games and music/audio production technology with our cutting-edge research in related fields related.

With games development booming, both for AAA (a classification term used for games) and indie studios, buoyed by new platforms such as mobile or digital download, the department offers both comprehensive courses in games and research output with high impact.

Our degrees in Music technology & production develop an understanding of the underlying technologies for creating, recording, editing, manipulating and post-processing of music to the level of a professional product used in the diverse field of music technology. With their technical knowledge our graduates can push the boundaries of what these technologies can offer, and see technological understanding and innovation as an opportunity to enhance their creative and employment potential.

Research in creative technology underpins the teaching in our department. The research we undertake spans the full range of games and audio technology/production, including interactive games, entertainment computing, the science and technology of music composition and leading techniques for games and music production.

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