Head of Department

  • Prof Fred Charles - Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Computer Entertainment applying AI, Multimodal Interaction and Virtual Reality: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, affective computing, brain-computer interfaces, multimodal interfaces, games technology, games engines, serious games, AI planning, intelligent virtual agents, interactive storytelling.

Deputy Heads of Department

  • Dr Vedad Hulusic - computer graphics, serious games, cultural heritage, virtual museums, high dynamic range imaging, image and video quality assessment, visual perception and attention, image processing, and cross-modal interaction in which I have been a published author.
  • Dr Leigh McLoughlin - Computer graphics, rendering and simulation of natural phenomena, interactive geometric modelling, 3D printing, accessible user interfaces.

Academic staff

  • Dr Panos Amelidis - Digital Composition and DSP; Sound design for film; Constructions of storytelling in music; Use of archival recordings in the creation of sound art; Interactive installations; Analytical approaches to audio-only games; Pedagogy of music technology.
  • Dr Michael Cryne - Music composition, games sound. 
  • Dr Thomas Davis - Sonic Art; Algorithmic Composition (especially Complexity and Alife approaches); Instrument building; Technologically-mediated Improvisation; Enaction, Embodiment and Participation in Music as Practice and situations that examine the interface between music and technology.
  • Dr Jose Fonseca - Computer animation, 3D and 3D character animation, 3D modelling and texturing, character body expression, concept art.
  • Dr Darrell Gibson - computer-based musician, composer and sound designer.  Audio programmer using a wide range to technologies for composition, synthesis and production.
  • Dr Glyn Hadley - 3D modelling and digital sculpting using Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush.
  • Dr Charlie Hargood - Narrative Systems, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Interactive Storytelling, Game Design, Game Development, Game Technology, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, Computational Narrative Models, Location Aware Narrative, Digital Storytelling, Web Applications, Multimedia Systems.
  • Dr David John - Software engineering (C++, C#, Visual Basic), virtual worlds and visualisation of heritage landscapes (UDK, UE4), 3D modelling (Maya, 3ds Max), audio recording/mixing (Cubase, Pro Tools), mobile music, internet development and databases (HTML, CSS, XML, javascript, php, mysql), cloud computing, expressive Internet communication, assessing the effect cognitive style has on the perception of different modes of communication, and the evaluation of creative practice-based assessment methods.
  • Dr Karsten Pedersen - 3D rendering (OpenGL, Vulkan, CPU), C/C++ Programming, Game Engine Development, Digital Preservation, Reverse Engineering (x86 ASM), 3D Graphics Streaming, UNIX/Linux, Cross-compiling / Games Console / Mobile Development, Game Engines (Unity, UE4), Network Development (POSIX/Winsock).
  • Dr Simant Prakoonwit - 3D computer graphics, computer vision, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial life, serious games, algorithms for computer games, VR and human-computer-interaction, visualisation, 3D reconstruction, 3D modelling, 3D imaging, stereo/multi-view imaging and reconstruction, X-ray scanner/inspection/screening, computer tomography (CT), security X-ray imaging, security image processing, medical image processing, 3D medical imaging, object recognition, vehicle recognition, visual odometer, biological/medical simulation, biomedical engineering, human airways modelling and simulation
  • Clive Radford - Music production, songwriting and performance (guitar). Composition and arranging, studio techniques, production techniques, and synthesis and effects. Popular music and social, economic and cultural practice. 
  • Dr Ambrose Seddon - Electroacoustic composition, sonic arts, music production, analysis of electroacoustic music. Electroacoustic composition and concert performance, sonic arts practice. Teaching composing using technology, creative music technology, production techniques.
  • Alain Simons - Computer graphics, Open GL, 3D modelling and texturing, animation, games technology, game engine (Unity3D), games producer.​
  • Prof Wen Tang - Real time visual computing systems that enable compelling immersion; integration of visual, interaction and intelligent visual computing applications; design and authoring tools for constructing complex physics scenes; haptics for high-fidelity interactive environments; high-fidelity interactive physically-based animations.
  • Prof Feng Tian - Computer graphics, computer animation, computer games, augmented reality, image processing, human computer interaction.
  • Andrew Watson - Embedded systems, analogue and digital systems design and interfacing, microprocessor and microcontroller system design, software engineering and software programming (high level C / C++ and others, low level assembler) and real time software.
  • Dr Huiwen Zhao - User experience design and evaluation, interactive storytelling, game narrative, interaction design, user interface design, usability.


  • Pete Allen - videogame development and design, creation of gameplay mechanics, realistic materials for 3D models, use of multi-media in education, use of realtime technologies for interactive research projects.
  • Dan Pierson - Demonstrator in music technologies
  • Michael Smith - Demonstrator in creative and games technology


  • Will Vine - Senior Technician