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Department of Life & Environmental Science

Department of Life & Environmental Science staff

Head of Department

  • Dr Kathy Hodder - Restoration and conservation ecology. Small mammal ecology.

Academic staff

  • Dr Demetra Andreou - Freshwater fish parasitology, host-parasite interactions and impacts on host populations.
  • Professor Matthew Bennett - Glacial and Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Ichnology, Geoarchaeology and Human Evolution.
  • Professor Robert Britton - Fish biology and ecology. Impacts of invasive fish species. Spread of diseases associated with invasive fish species.
  • Dr Sally Brown – Climate change, coastal change.
  • Dr Sarah Buchan - Lecturer in Immunology.
  • Dr Elena Cantarello - Assessment of forest habitat condition. Dynamics of forest ecosystems under different disturbance regimes (harvesting, fire, grazing, pest, climate change). Spatial modelling. Evaluation of ecosystem services. Carbon management. Green technologies and renewable energy. Green economy.
  • Victoria Crawford - Lecturer in Forensic Science.
  • Dr Marin Cvitanovic - Land use and land cover changes; human-environmental interactions; cultural geography; regional and national identities. 
  • Dr Anita Diaz - Pollination biology. Ecological restoration. Grazing ecology.
  • Dr Cassandra Edmunds - Lecturer in Forensic Biology.
  • Professor Genoveva Esteban - Microbial ecology, biodiversity and biogeography.
  • Dr Luciana Esteves - Coastal processes. Erosion and flood risk management. Managed realignment. Shoreline change. Coastal management. Human-induced and climate change impacts on coasts.
  • Andrew Ford - Geoarchaeology. Glaciology. Geomorphology. Mass-movement. Remote sensing (airborne laser scanning, terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar).
  • Dr Daniel Franklin - Environmental science. Phytoplankton ecology. Aquatic microbiology. Flow cytometry. Biological oceanography. Cyanobacteria.
  • Dr Adrian Galdran - Senior Lecturer in Data Science for Medical Imaging and Visualisation.
  • Dr Phillipa Gillingham - Ecology and conservation of upland ecosystems. Effects of climate change on species distributions and conservation.
  • Tilak Ginige - Environmental law, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law.
  • Dr Duncan Golicher - Landscape ecology. Deforestation. Landscape change. Species distribution modelling. Spatial modelling.
  • Dr Iain Green - Forensic investigation. Pollution ecology. Trace metal homeostasis and detoxification in cells. Soil science.
  • Dr Emilie Hardouin - Population genetics and evolutionary ecology.
  • Dr Paul Hartley - Functional genetics. Invertebrate and human cardiovascular physiology, biological rhythms and ageing.
  • Dr Roger Herbert - Marine and coastal ecology and conservation.
  • Ian Hewitt - Buildings archaeology.
  • Professor Ross Hill - Remote sensing of forests and habitats.
  • Dr Georgina Jones - Senior Lecturer in Sustainability Consumption and Impact.
  • Paul Kneller - Analytical Chemistry, Wildlife Forensics.
  • Professor Amanda Korstjens - Behaviour, ecology and conservation of primates and other animals.
  • Dr Wei-Jun Liang - Biological sciences. Cell and molecular biology.
  • Dr Anna Mantzouratou - Human genetics; embryo development, pregnancy and reproduction genetics. Chromosomal instability and aneuploidy; Gamete and preimplantation embryo genetics; Sequence analysis and bioinformatics.
  • Dr Poppy McLaughlin - Analytical techniques (immunoassay to confirmatory methods), pharmacogenomics, newpsychoactive substances.
  • Professor Adrian Newton - Forest conservation ecology. Restoration ecology.  Landscape ecology. Sustainability science and the green economy. Spatial modelling. Ecosystem services.
  • Professor David Osselton - Emeritus Professor in Forensic Science.
  • Dr Richard Paul - Clinical and forensic toxicology, hair analysis for drugs of abuse and alcohol, stress monitoring using cortisol hair analysis, alcohol bio-markers and addiction, drug facilitated assault​.
  • Adrian Pinder - Associate Director BU Ecology.
  • Dr Samual Rennie - Lecturer in Forensic Investigation, forensic anthropology, human functional anatomy, Disaster Victim Identification (DVI), human skeletal variation.
  • Dr Martin Smith - Biological anthropology, prehistoric populations, areas of taphonomy and trauma with forensic and archaeological remains.
  • Professor Rick Stafford - Marine biology. Computational ecology. Statistics. E-learning.
  • Dr John Stewart - Ice age refugia. Human evolution. Reconstructing quaternary environments.
  • Professor Richard Stillman - Ecology and behaviour of birds. Predicting the effect of environmental change on birds. Ecological modelling.
  • Dr Sarah Upson – Lecturer in Pharmacology.

Demonstrators and technicians

  • Dr Dean Burnard - Resources Officer.
  • Magdalena Barrow - Demonstrator, BioMedical Sciences.
  • Andrew Butt - Technical Officer.
  • Stephen Fordham - Technical Officer.
  • Nicola Jones - Analytical toxicology.
  • Harry Manley - Geoinformatics.
  • Alex Otto - Crime Scene investigation and examination.

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Fatima Amat-Trigo - Marie Curie Research Fellow.
  • Dr Alice Hall - Marine biology.
  • Dr Annesia Lamb - Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in marine phycology (macroalgae) working on the RaNTrans (Rapid Reduction of Nutrients in Transitional Waters) project.