The Analytical Science Research Group (ASRG) at Bournemouth University provides a focus for analytical research in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, and a platform for collaborative work across the university and with industry.

Our research concentrates on the development of new analytical methods to deepen scientific understanding across three key themes:

  • Bioanalytical Science
  • Environmental Analytical Science
  • Forensic Science and Toxicology

Our technical focus and capabilities include a range of extraction approaches, separation methods (solid and liquid phase), detection techniques, chromatographic techniques, spectroscopy (including accurate mass spectrometry, spectrofluorimetry, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy), and chemometric techniques for data handling and optimization.

Our research is highly collaborative in nature and we work with clinicians, materials scientists, biomedical scientists, environmental chemists, geochemists, hydrologists, psychologists, ecologists and others, across a wide variety of disciplines.

Our work supports policy development and implementation, and we have strong links with many institutions, practicing professionals, and policy makers regionally and internationally.

Our expertise

BU ASRG is the hub of analytical science at the university for both research and commercial projects, providing state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and technical expertise for sample extraction, separation, detection and characterisation. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems through analytical science. Our group offer an array of analytical techniques and services to industrial clients including contract research, routine analysis and training courses, and can provide timely answers to difficult analytical problems.

Please see our facilities page to explore the range of specialist analytical instrumentation in our laboratories.

Our Facilities 

Our research

ASRG is a leader in Materials Science, Analytical Chemistry, and Spectroscopy research, at the forefront of pioneering technologies for advanced detection and analysis. Our comprehensive efforts include extraction, precise characterization, and the development of innovative nanomaterials and chemoselective sensors. These advancements enable the detection of diverse substances across varied environments, impacting critical fields such as forensics, toxicology, pharmacology, medicine, and environmental sustainability. Our work not only drives scientific progress but also translates into practical applications that address pressing global challenges.

Our research group is at the vanguard of innovation, engaging in a spectrum of cutting-edge research endeavors. Our current initiatives encompass groundbreaking projects in Medical and Health Research, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Materials Science and Spectroscopy, as well as Security and Policy Studies. Each area represents a strategic focus aimed at pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating impactful solutions for today's most pressing challenges.