1. Scope and Purpose of PREP 

Bournemouth University stipulates the following scope and purpose  for its Peer Reflection on Education Practice Policy and Procedure for (9A)  

  • This policy and procedure is intended for all BU academic staff. This includes full and part time/fractional staff as well as categories of staff that directly support the student learning experience, e.g. Demonstrators, Post Graduate Research Students (PGRS), Library and Learning Support staff and Learning Technologists.  
  • The main purpose of the Peer Reflection on Education Practice Scheme (PREP) is to provide a systematic yet flexible framework to review and enhance the quality of the learning experience for students. This document outlines the requirements of PREP. It provides a range of options which can be adopted or customised for staff to adopt a reflective approach to ongoing improvements to their educational practice.  
  • PREP reflects a collaborative model of peer support (Gosling and Mason O’Connor 2009) which offers the instructor suggestions about how to improve and develop their teaching quality (Crabtree and Scott 2016). 

2. PREP Process 

he PREP process involves identification of a theme as part of your departmental AMER and this can be any aspect of education enhancement such as assessment, feedback, student voice etc. Some may link the PREP theme to their reflection based on factors including results of NSS, PTES or other forms of student voice (See below).  

2.1 Example of PREP - ‘used to inform teaching quality assessments’ 

  • Department identifies Assessment and Feedback as an AMER theme using NSS data 
  • HoD agrees support with FLIE 
  • FLIE delivers workshop on assessment design (incl. Assessment & Feedback Toolkit; showcase good practice) 
  • FLIE supports Programme Assessment Reviews 
  • FLIE delivers sessions on Feedback (adapting generic assessment rubric; voice feedback etc.) 

3. PREP - Peer Observation 

Teaching Observation is an element of BU's PREP Policy and Procedure (Peer Refection on Education Practice) to support the review and enhancement of quality in the student learning experience. 

The survey contained in this module is designed to capture the outcome of the Peer Observation activity and is to be completed by the OBSERVEE through a peer dialogue and reflection with their observer. 

Academics are responsible to make arrangements to agree a session for peer observation with appropriate details.  

The peer observation process is the second aspect of the PREP process, and it is designed to be a collegiate and constructive review of teaching practice. For online and asynchronous programmes, a review of the unit and its content can be done through Brightspace. Peer Observation form is provided through an online link.  

The process of peer observation as part of Peer Review of Education Practice uses a survey (online form) in Brightspace that offers reporting in Insights tool for faculties (mainly Heads and Deputy Heads of Department and provides regular updates to faculties for monitoring and reporting. The survey tool for the online on  Brightspace Insights tool is monitored and reviewed annually to ensure enhanced access to reporting by Departmental Heads and HoDs.  

Boxset 8 - Peer Reflection on Education Practice (PREP)