COP26: a pivotal moment for our earth and our modern history

From research to policy work and sustainability on our campuses, we take our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment seriously. That means taking action now. Find out how BU is playing its part.

Climate and Ecological Content Action Plan cover

Our sustainability approach

Our net zero vision: a BU community that recognises the need to live in harmony with the natural world to protect the survival and wellbeing of all communities, and takes action to enrich society for the benefit of people and planet.

Download our Climate & Ecological Crisis Action Plan summary (pdf 1.5mb)

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Spotlight on...ecosystem collapse and recovery

In this episode of the Spotlight podcast, we speak to Professor of Conservation Ecology, Adrian Newton, about the impact climate change and human activity are having on the world around us, and what can be done to reverse the damage:

Bournemouth Uni · Spotlight on...ecosystem collapse and recovery

Sustainability on campus and in the curriculum

Did you know that there are bee hives on the top of the Fusion Building, or that much of the university’s heating is produced from underground heat pumps? Find out about sustainability on our campus and discover what BU is doing to help save endangered species, protect coastal regions and understand ecosystems:

Expert opinions

Our Poole Gateway Building on Talbot Campus, viewed here from the solar panels on the top of the Fusion Building, has the BREEAM 'excellent' sustainability standard

‘Our Environment’ on BBC Radio Solent

Professor Rick Stafford, Professor Janet Dickinson and BU students (14 October), and Professor Adrian Newton (28 October) have been among the contributors to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘Our Environment’ series, exploring how people living and working in the South are making a difference for the future.
Dr Emma Jenkins

Blog: Insights from COP26

Dr Emma Jenkins, Director for the Institute for the Modelling of Socio-Environmental Transitions

The Day 2 pledge to cut methane emissions by 30% of 2020 levels by 2030 generated an energy in the room which is hard to describe. But underlying this current of hope is criticism and frustration from developing and island nations who are on the frontline of climate change.


We are holding a number of events – on-campus, off-campus and online – to coincide with COP26. Students’ Union Bournemouth (SUBU) is also hosting a range of events – including COP26 Question Time in partnership with East Dorset Friends of the Earth and UCU.

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Student Carbon Literacy Training

Climate change is widely recognised as one of the greatest, and most urgent, challenges facing humankind. This challenge has been recognised internationally, within the.


Climate Justice Debate Challenge 2022

The Climate Justice Debate Challenge (CJDC) is a national one-day competition and skills development experience, where you will gain knowledge, transferable skills and network with sector experts and students from across the country.

Research projects

New Forest conservation

Resilience to sudden environmental change

Find out how BU researchers have applied their ecological tipping points research into society, with the uptake of their recommendations by the Forestry Commission and further research now extending to all types of ecosystems.

Seagulls on groyne

Biomimetic Marine Infrastructures (MARINEFF)

The objective of the MARINEFF project is to develop a new approach to the design and construction of maritime infrastructure. MARINEFF strives to enhance and protect coastal and transitional water ecosystems in cross-border Channel regions.

Image of a sunrise over an Indonesian forest

LEAP: Landscape Ecology And Primatology

Read how 3D rainforest mapping is informing conservation plans that are key to assuring the survival of species such as gibbons, siamangs, orangutans and elephants.

Graduate and student stories

Vera Markova

Vera Markova: a trailblazer for sustainability in Bulgaria

Vera started the first zero-waste shop in Bulgaria in 2017. In three years, Revolucia has grown to become a company offering not only sustainable products but also waste reduction consultancy services, zero waste lectures, workshops and eco-friendly corporate gifts.

How to be more sustainable as a student: Emily’s vlog

Third year BA (Hons) Television Production student and vlogger Emily talks about the little, everyday things you can do as a student to live a more sustainable lifestyle.