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Celebrating Black History Month this October and beyond

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Black History Month 2021 and beyond

BU is home to a diverse community where everyone is welcome, and we’re committed to creating an inclusive culture. This Black History Month and beyond, we’re celebrating achievements and reflecting on the progress that is being made. Read on to find out more about student-led campaigns, the experiences of our black graduates in the workplace and the work we’re doing to advance race equality at BU. 

Campaigning for change

SUBU's Black Students' Campaign logo

SUBU Black Students' Campaign

The SUBU (Students' Union Bournemouth University) Black Students' Campaign supports BU students who self-define as black individuals and welcomes black student allies. 

It's one of SUBU's six Liberation Campaigns, all of which exist to promote positive change at BU and SUBU, both within learning and social environments. At the heart of each Liberation Campaign are a series of campaigns, led by the elected Officer for that year.

Examples of previous SUBU Black Students' Campaigns include supporting the national 'Why is My Curriculum White?' Campaign and addressing the attainment gap for black students.

Discover more about the SUBU Black Students' Campaign Follow the Campaign on Facebook

Chiko Bwalya SUBU VP Education Chiko Bwalya, SUBU VP Education, who initiated the 'Say My Name' Campaign

'Say My Name' Campaign

Led by Chiko Bwalya, SUBU VP Education, the 'Say My Name' Campaign aims to educate BU students and staff on the correct pronunciation of names, through phonetic spelling, and preferred pronouns. 

In turn, this helps to avoid the potential embarrassment of mispronunciation and empowers students and staff throughout their time at BU.

There are two ways that students and staff can submit the phonetic spelling of their names and pronouns  either via Brightspace, BU's Virtual Learning Environment, which the BU community has access to, and on the SUBU website.

Visit the 'Say My Name' Campaign page

Toluwa Atilade, SUBU VP Welfare & Community Toluwa Atilade, SUBU VP Welfare & Community, who created the SUBU Allyship Hub to encourage active allyship

SUBU Allyship Hub

Set up by Toluwa Atilade, SUBU VP Welfare & Community, the SUBU Allyship Hub has two main purposes; for the BU community to develop their knowledge of the issues black people and other underrepresented groups face and to understand the lived experiences of these groups, so that they become better active allies. 

Whether you choose to read, watch, listen to, follow or see how you can make a difference, the Hub is home to a range of content types, offering something for everyone.

Visit the SUBU Allyship Hub

In conversation with our black graduates

BU graduate Kim Machipisa BU graduate Kim Machipisa, one of the panel members

As part of Black History Month 2020, we spoke to three black BU graduates – Joy, Bonnie and Kim – about the Business in the Community: 'Race at Work: The Black Voices Report', which highlights a disparity in the career progression of black and white employees. 

Joy, Bonnie and Kim formed a panel and were asked a variety of questions, from their views on the report suggesting that black people are being held back from career progression to recommendations on how companies can tackle the issues raised and positive changes can be made.

Read the panel Q&A Read Francis' story

Proud to be a Race Equality Charter Member

Race Equality Charter logo

At BU, we're committed to giving our community  students, staff and graduates  equal opportunities, regardless of race.

Since 2016, we've been a member of the Race Equality Charter (REC). It's an initiative managed by Advance HE and exists to improve the representation, progression and success of underrepresented groups within higher education. 

Over the last 5 years, we've undertaken a range of initiatives to advance racial equality and to reflect this, we've submitted our application for a Bronze REC award. Our evidence base includes; listening to the experiences of the BU community, demonstrating how teams and individuals are working to embed race equality in the curriculum and interviews with BU academics whose research, education and practice specifically reflect areas of the REC.

Dr Gelareh Roushan

Dr Galerah Roushan

Chair of BU's Race Equality Charter self-assessment team on the importance of representation:

We recently reviewed our self-assessment team and it's now made up of members of the Executive University Leadership Team, BU academics and elected SUBU officers. The whole BU community is represented as we work to advance BU's racial equality.