Nicola Matiwone on a yacht at sunset

First connecting with Bournemouth University through her sister’s time studying BA (Hons) Business Management Nicola Matiwone visited the campus initially to cheer her sister on during Basketball games, often being drawn to the Faculty of Media and Communications base, Weymouth House.

In 2014, with a desire to resuscitate her dream of being in the film industry, Nicola enrolled on MA Post Production Editing. When asked why she undertook her Master’s Nicola said, “I was looking for a specific degree, I spent 4 years since completing my undergraduate in Film working on anything media related but I wanted to start again and resurrect my dream.”

She continued, “I was deciding between Bournemouth and another institution, in the end, it was the specificity of the course, close proximity, and reputation of graduates in the industry that swayed me to choose BU. It was a strategic move to go back to studying, in hindsight it wasn’t the ‘restart’ I had envisioned but rather a ‘moving forward’ expanding on the knowledge I had.”

When asked about the skills and knowledge she applies today as a freelance postproduction editor in the film industry Nicola credited the learning structure and software used during her studies. She said, “The way we collaborated with everyone studying in the MA framework allowed us to gain valuable insights into industry practices; how the different teams come together whilst still working independently.”

In addition to understanding industry practice, Nicola said, “I hit the ground running when I started my first job after graduating as the software we were using in our projects is what we use in the industry.” She emphasised that one of her proudest achievements on her first paid work after graduation was a testament to the skills acquired during studying, she said “my first editor included a scene I solely edited, exactly as I had worked on it, in the final film.” Another moment of pride for Nicola was working as an Assembly Editor on The Bafta-winning and Oscar-nominated The Banshees of Inisherin.

During her studies Nicola also got involved in RedBalloon Productions, RedBalloon is the professional production department of BU’s Faculty of Media and Communication. She said, “Working for RedBalloon was so helpful because when I was applying for work it gave me the actual experience that employers were looking for.”

When asked about her proudest achievements at university three were prominent for Nicola, she said “During graduation, and this was a surprise to me, I was awarded best master’s project, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I also entered an international competition with Avid, my piece of work won! My prize was to go to Paris and work with a French editor and Oscar nominee Anne Marie Bion. I couldn’t believe I was in an actual cutting room.”

Her third proudest moment was securing a three-day internship, she said, “I got to meet editors from across a variety of publication houses including BAFTA-winning Mick Audsley.”

Advising anyone considering a Master’s in the Faculty of Media & Communication, Nicola said “The visiting speakers were incredibly useful, now when I come back to visit and share my story, I advise students to soak up the knowledge of Karl [Rawstrone] and the academic team – they’ve been in the industry the insights they give you is exactly how it is. Sometimes I wonder if I paid enough attention at the time! Also, be specific about your questions, everyone’s story into the industry is different, really take on board their specific insights and create your own map.”

Nicola is currently working on Lee an upcoming biographical film about Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller, a 1940s war correspondent, starring Kate Winslet.