Aakanksha Singh Devi completed a Master’s in Multimedia Journalism in 2009 and is now Associate Vice President, Content Operations at LBB (Little Black Book), one of India's leading online shopping sites.

Thinking back to why she chose to study at BU, Aakanksha said: “I zeroed in on BU simply because the MA in MultiMedia Journalism looked like it had been created JUST for me. It had absolutely everything I really wanted to learn, plus an on-field work experience segment too. I found it very rounded and balanced, so was keen on this specific course. Of course, it did help that it was closer to the beach. And not too far from London where my family is.”

Reflecting on her international university experience, Aakanksha said: “Being a student at BU gave me the opportunity to interact with people from across the globe, and with the most varied interests, experiences and knowledge base. I think that itself was a huge learning opportunity, beyond the course. I did appreciate the non-academic events the university also offered. It made university more fun!”

When it comes to offering advice to other people who may be thinking of studying at BU from overseas, Aakanksha said: “Just hop out of your comfort zone at much as possible. Don't be afraid to speak with new people, of trying different things you haven't done before, or asking about things you want to know more about. Someone out there has an answer for everything! And being open-minded really helps. Like they say, try everything once, eh!”

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