Justin Bones

Tell us about your BBC experiences

“Working for the BBC for me has always been about serving the audiences. As a journalist it’s about finding the news which matters to them – be that in their town or across the globe. It’s our role to explain what is happening (no matter how complex) and to hear a range of views and deliver due impartiality. 

“The last year has been both exciting and challenging as our team tripled in size to produce eight different programmes a day and four weekly programmes. I’m one of the managers which has led the expansion and getting to work on new programmes such as those for the World Service or Radio 4’s Money Box as well as creating new ones has been a great experience for me. 

“It feels appropriate right now that obviously the highlight of my career was representing the BBC at a lunch held by the Queen when she visited Leicester 10 years ago.”

How did your BU experience prepare you for your future career? 

“Getting to work with people such as Sean Street who taught me a lot about creativity and finding different angles to a story was a real benefit.

“Working on the first Nerve FM with a great bunch of people as we were ambitious and different.”