BU graduate and 2021 30 under 30 finalist, Ollie Tunmore, is helping showcase the diversity of London’s drag scene with the release of his second documentary.

Ollie’s film “London: The Capital of Drag” features stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and sets out to explore the under-represented areas of the drag community, including drag kings, non-binary and gender fluid performers and AFAB (assigned female at birth) artists.

The film, which follows Ollie’s 2020 documentary “Drag: Around the Clock”, features more than 30 different artists and 70 performances from across London, as well as backstage footage and sit-down interviews with some of the biggest names in London drag.  

Speaking about the production and release of the film, Ollie said: “It’s a genuine honour to have been trusted by all of these phenomenally talented artists to film their art. When I set out to make this documentary, the main objective I had was to celebrate ‘the other’, by championing diversity in any which way that I could.

“The queer scene in London is one of the brightest, most dynamic and special in the world. I wanted to capture a snapshot of this incredible collective of people who are working day and night to represent queer culture and share it with the world.” 

Filming and production took three months, which coincided with the opening up of London as the UK emerged out of lockdown. Ollie said: “This presented challenges, with restrictions changing all the time, hence why some interviews had to be filmed via Zoom. Obviously, this wasn’t ideal, but I’m also somewhat pleased it happened – as it now feels like an authentic reflection of that strange and challenging period for us all.”  

Ollie graduated from BU with a degree in media production in 2019 and is also a senior account executive in the PR and communications sector.