“After I graduated [with an MA in Radio Production in 2013], I joined BBC Radio Northampton as a casual Broadcast Assistant/Producer and left there to move to BBC Radio Nottingham a year or so later. I then took an opportunity to return to Northampton as a Journalist.

“I was mainly a reporter and producer. In between times I started freelancing as a weather presenter across different BBC Regions which led me to my current role as Weather Presenter and Broadcast Journalist at BBC East Midlands Today, back in Nottingham.”

Tell us about your BBC experiences

“I feel incredibly privileged to play a small part in the BBC’s output. Over the past 9 years of working for the BBC I’ve had some fantastic opportunities across both radio and TV. Winning a silver ARIA award during my time as Breakfast producer at Radio Northampton for the programme was a real career highlight, working at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and interviewing Michael Douglas in the paddock was quite unforgettable too, setting up a makeshift TV studio and working as a weather presenter remotely during the pandemic was something I could never have imagined and recently being nominated for an RTS award for my work as a weather presenter is an absolute honour.

“I feel very lucky to be doing something I love for such a highly regarded institution and it’s really special to be presenting the weather to BBC viewers in the region I grew up in.”

How did your BU experience prepare you for your future career? 

“My course at BU fully prepared me for working at the BBC. My degree gave me the drive, tools and knowledge to confidently go after my dream job; a dream that only came to life because of the training I received.”