As a recent graduate of BU’s Master’s in Producing Film & Television, Jamie Howatson is drawing on a range of practical and interpersonal skills to launch his career.

Jamie Howatson, a Bournemouth University graduate, with a life-size Sulley from Monsters, Inc. on BU's Talbot Campus. Jamie with a life-size Sully from Monsters, Inc on our Talbot Campus

Jamie decided to study the Master’s degree to help him create a personal showreel that would open doors in the industry.

He said, “There are so many skills that I gained during my studies that helped me to develop. During my year of study, I got involved in supporting my friends across the department, while working on my own projects too. We worked on ideation, scripting, and a lot of sound work – all while using some amazing equipment. There were of course teething issues, but the tutors came together to help us, we got the organisation down and everything came together.”

Whilst developing knowledge and skills were a key focus, Jamie also acknowledges that the experience helped him to grow as a person. He said, “I gained confidence, which has been a huge thing for me. Developing my communication skills as a producer and having emotional intelligence with the people I work with – all these things can be applied to the various roles available in the media industry. I’m now able to refer to a lot of my university experiences of teamwork and the key organisational skills I acquired.”

Reflecting on the highlights of his experience, three things stand out for Jamie. He said, “The dissertation project was fun; I worked at my own pace, had a great sense of independence, and the result was a huge accomplishment. I’d also say helping peers with their projects opened a lot of doors – for example filming on location in the area. Another highlight for me was the showcase event at the end of the year. Everyone across the Master’s programmes gathered to celebrate each other’s work, have some bubbles, and watch one another’s projects.

“At the end of year awards, I was given the Kindest Crew Member Award which really meant a lot to me. Some of my proudest moments were the small ones; staying up to work on films, making picnics for the next day of filming, just being fully immersed in the buzz of being on set.”

When asked about the campus and resources available, Jamie said, “The library was great resource for essays and reflective assignments, but also for taking out novels. There’s a whole section dedicated to film and television scripts which I loved. We also had a dedicated room in one of the annexes on Talbot Campus where we could have our production meetings – sometimes we’d use it as a social space to watch films too.”

Above all, Jamie found that studying in the Media Production department meant a big focus on teamwork. He said, “Collaborating across the courses, you’ll find the people you want to work with and learn how to communicate with one another, but don’t forget to have fun. Also, if you have a car, you’ll be everyone’s best friend!”