George Caton-Coult holding a boom poll and microphone

Beginning his BA (Hons) Scriptwriting in 2016, George Caton-Coult had a goal to have a writing credit on either a television show or film. Now, thanks to his internship at LoveLove Films, he has achieved this three times over.

BA (Hons) Television Production graduate, Georgina Hurcombe, started LoveLove Films in 2010 and has maintained strong links with the university ever since. Both Georgina and George have returned to the BFX Festival to inspire current students by sharing their journeys and behind-the-scenes details of their animated children’s television series, Pop Paper City.

George’s journey with LoveLove Films led to him being a full-time member of the Pop Paper City creative team. Developing the project before lockdown hit, and working in script development, initially, he said: “I had a feeling that producing was calling; the timing felt right when lockdown hit and so I utilised my connections with friends who completed their MA at Bournemouth to decide which direction to take. I decided that it was time to elevate and expand my skill set. The MA Producing Film & Television course connected me with the academics from the same Faculty as my BA and I was familiar with the campus.”

Ready for the challenge, George began his postgraduate studies in 2021.

Still working for LoveLove Films as a freelancer, George found it difficult to say no to the many opportunities that came his way. He said: “I wanted to make the most of my experience, I knew it was one year and it was going to fly. I enjoyed the flexibility of being a freelancer alongside my studies, whilst collaborating with fellow students from across the media production degrees. We were set up into production houses and collaborated on a multitude of projects.

“My time management got better. It was stressful but rewarding being involved in different projects and working with everyone, as we were all on set learning together. One of my favourite units was learning about developing and selling ideas in a risk-free environment, as well as learning about how and when money comes into a production, and where to assign that to at different points of a project.”

In comparison to his undergraduate experience, George explained that his Master’s experience was more reflective. He said: “It was great to learn from academics who had specific practical experience from industry because the detail and insight they gave was so valuable. It was also valuable to attend the guest speaker sessions to gain information and practical advice, which is what you want with producing because you’re going into a career that is about ‘making stuff’ so you need the practical understanding.”

George’s journey from a two-week internship to working full-time at LoveLove Films after graduation has allowed him to quickly achieve his initial goal and provided the opportunity to launch a successful children’s television show. He said: “If you’re considering a media production degree, Bournemouth is an excellent university as you’re provided with a great set-up. The academics have a fountain of knowledge and industry experience, giving you a full insight into the vast number of roles and the way they operate in the day-to-day running of projects. Additionally, meeting professionals allows you to learn how to position yourself professionally.

“My advice would be to take on as much as you can manage from the opportunities that are presented to you and meet people from studios, as being in front of the right people in the right places can lead to excellent connections and future opportunities".