Shravan G Ram completed a Master’s in Producing for Film and Television in 2014 and is now a Senior Producer at Coromandel Productions, handling various global productions and accounts. He also consults independently on a range of branded content projects with his team. Here, he shares his BU and career journey.

Why did you choose to study your particular course at BU?

I wanted a course which gave me an overview into the overall production process, instead of specialising in just one department like cinematography or editing. Being a 'big picture thinker' myself, I enjoyed getting to know how the production process works on a holistic level and enjoyed the various challenges that come with ensuring different departments work together in synergy. I wanted an international media school experience away from my home country (India) and wanted a university that is known for its filmmaking and media department. I found that BU had a reputation for producing some highly noted and award-winning graduates who went on to work in various feature films and shows.

What were the best things about your course and the university experience?

The best thing for me was the opportunity to interact and collaborate with my course mates who were of different age groups, from different countries and at different stages of their careers. To learn from each other's strengths was amazing. The course prepared me for what to expect from a career in the production world – be it film or television. It taught me the importance of being organised and diligent with paperwork, in handling budgets and logistics, while not losing track of the creative vision of the project.

Describe your BU experience in 3 words.

Eye-opening. Diverse. Collaborative.

How has your career developed since completing your studies?

I can now look back on the past 10 years since I graduated from BU and how my career has grown – from being a video editor at an advertising agency and working my way up over the years, to now being a producer having gotten a chance to work on prestigious projects such as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Filmfare Awards (South) and more. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love being given the responsibility of handling and managing huge projects and productions. I'm driven by that feeling of executing something 'big' in scale. I also enjoy networking with potential new clients and pitching for new business. There's nothing like the feeling of winning a pitch.

What advice would you have for others wanting to follow a similar path?

I would urge them to make as many connections as possible and network to the fullest. You never know who's going to be able to help you in the future. We're in this together and having that community helps. Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. I built my entire client base through LinkedIn