BU graduate Mollie Finn describes the past few weeks since being announced as part of a new line-up of Radio 1 DJs as “the biggest rollercoaster of my life”.

The Former Nerve Radio presenter and station manager has had her sights set on the BBC since discovering that being a DJ was a viable career choice. Last month she was revealed as one of five new voices to hit the airwaves following a search for fresh talent.

And while much of the media attention has focused on Mollie’s move straight from finishing her degree to landing one of broadcasting’s most sought-after jobs, it hasn’t come without a lot of hard graft along the way. Mollie said: “It’s funny. You read the articles and it sounds as though I just finished my degree one day and then landed a job as a Radio 1 DJ the next. Whilst I feel incredibly lucky, I have worked hard to be able to make the most of the opportunities when they arrive.”

Mollie had her heart set on a career in radio from an early age, and chose Bournemouth University for its credentials in broadcast media. She said: “I did my homework and BU’s communications and media degree had been a good stepping stone for others entering the industry. It also meant I could get involved with one of the best student radio stations in the country.”

That involvement led to Mollie taking on the role of station manager during her final year - taking on everything from managing budgets to programming and developing new talent. She said: “I was working on community radio prior to arriving at Bournemouth and then got straight into life on a student radio station. It was the first time I’d presented a show on my own, and I remember being petrified the first time. I soon found my feet however and it gave me a chance to try out a whole bunch of fun stunts as well as develop my own style and voice. BU has such a strong sense of community, and being part of the Nerve community was amazing. I loved being around people who all shared the same passion and learning from those who had gone before me.”

Mollie’s role with Radio 1 came about as a result of an open call for new voices, which involved sharing a demo judged by the station’s head, Aled Haydn Jones, and a leading talent agent. She will now present early breakfast in February, taking a slot alongside her other new colleagues. Mollie said: “I am not a morning person so the 4am start is going to be a challenge, but I can’t wait. My family are all so proud and will be getting up early to cheer me on for the show. I still miss my days at Nerve Radio but I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career.”