Harrison Twinn

Tell us about your BBC experiences

“I've been very lucky to have had experiences at the BBC that people could ever wish for, and none that I take for granted. 

“Across my audio career with the corporation, I've had opportunities to work with some of the nation's most-loved radio broadcasters - from Greg James and Sara Cox, to Aggers and Lauren Laverne - along with a plethora of BBC talent to create impactful radio promos and campaigns for TV programmes, BBC Sounds podcasts and beyond. Some that have been heard by millions across the country. 

“I've worked alongside, I believe to be, some of the best audio producers and mixers in the world who I have since learned from and made long-lasting working relationships with. 

“The BBC has never been more vital in these strange times; I am proud and humbled to be a part of BBC Creative's mission - "Making a positive mark on popular culture" in everything we do - and by extension, the BBC's wider goal: to inform, educate and entertain. 

“To celebrate its 100th year, and to be a part of its continued history, is a total dream.”

How did your BU experience prepare you for your future career? 

“Having originally held aspirations to enter the film & TV industry, BU was actually the place where I discovered my love for radio and audio, which eventually set me on the path of becoming an audio producer. 

“It gave me the tools, knowledge and skills to produce effective and engaging audio, which I took into my coursework and my production duties at the university's student radio station, Nerve Radio. Student radio, in particular, had opened doors for me to the radio world where my work was listened to and judged by industry professionals, and it was where I gained invaluable connections that would later help me get my foot in the door at the BBC (some of who I now work with today). 

“I believe that BU was the starting point of my career with the BBC; without it, I doubt I would be where I am today.”