We asked Maari to share why she chose to study at BU, and how her Master’s prepared her for what was to follow. Here’s her story:-

While completing a Master’s was always part of my plan, it was something I never wanted to rush. So, taking a break after my BA to travel the world for a few years, gave me time to make sure my postgraduate degree was what I really wanted, and that it would close the gap between studying at university and stepping into employment.

Being near the seaside was what I wanted, and Bournemouth obviously ticked that box. I also went to a university introduction event back in Finland where a BU representative helped me to find a course that suited my career interests. Being half Scottish, coming back to the UK felt familiar.

My background is really in economics, so with a creative degree like MA Marketing and Communications, a lot of the software was new. An efficient laptop is a must to master the techniques of content creation, getting around Google is the norm for many companies and Canva is an easy and fun tool to use. The facilities on campus allowed me to spend lunch breaks with classmates, to talk and build ideas for our assignments together. We worked well remotely, even before the pandemic, staying organised and communicating through WhatsApp from day one.

The degree helps you learn from real-life case studies, allows you to use your creativity and develop teamwork skills. I highly recommend it. My advice for anyone considering this as their next education step is to be proactive, learn from those around you, be inquisitive, and challenge yourself. Make the most of every opportunity.

As a kid, I always thought I’d stick with one company and work my way up into more senior positions. Now I’m taking it day-by-day. I am focused on enjoying what I do, attentive to my dreams but also making sure to enjoy the ride.

As a graduate, I started with a local, family-run development and lettings company. It was a role that gave me creative freedom on areas such as logo and brochure creation and even opportunities to show my passion for interior design.

Now I’m loving my current job in tech marketing, working with skilled and creative people from photographers to filmmakers and software developers. It can be highly technical at times, but we all start from somewhere and learn while doing. You just need to be brave and even make mistakes to get better.

It’s taken a few job roles for me to get where I am now. The recruiting process was extensive and initially, I received a no. It took me to places I didn’t envision. A year later, after doing something else, I’m right where I want to be. I persevered and I got the ‘yes’ I wanted.

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