After graduating in MDes (Hons) Product Design at Bournemouth University, Dominic Keeley has developed an enjoyable career in the design industry and still finds time to support those looking to move into the field.

Now working for Scot Young Research, a global leader in cleaning, healthcare and medical products, Dominic has refined his skills by working within the company’s Research & Development team.

In his day-to-day work, Dom continue to utilise his design skills and methodologies, along with a positive 'think outside the box' attitude that was first nurtured during his studies at Bournemouth University. These core techniques and values have been applied by Dom to a range of disciplines, such as robotics, mechanical engineering, ergonomic design solutions, and sustainable product design. 

Dom says “I remain excited about the prospect of young graduate designers & engineers exploring the opportunity to apply their fresh and innovative ideas to future products.” 

Continuing in his passion for teaching as a STEM Ambassador, Dom is also involved with a local community hub, volunteering as a business mentor and providing workshop spaces for those interested in design & technology. This role allows Dom to draw on his previous experience of running his own company in order to encourage young, aspiring individuals to set up their own enterprising ventures.

It’s probably not surprising that Dom has been successful in his working life. At just 12 years old, he became Dorset’s U18 Chess Champion and has gone on to be granted the following accolades:

  • Enterprise and Skills Company of the Year
  • Enterprise and Skills Best Managing Director
  • Enterprise and Skills Marketing of the Year
  • Bournemouth University Ambassador of the Year 2018
  • Bournemouth University Outstanding Contribution 2017
  • BU Design Society President 2014
  • John Thornton Young Achievers Award 2013
  • Wimborne Rotary Club Team Award 2013
  • Dorset Public Speaking runner up Champion 2012 

“Some of my most outstanding accomplishments have given me some of the most precious life skills I value today” Dom explains. “Winning numerous awards, including Enterprise and Skills Company of the Year, has inspired me to become an entrepreneur and hopefully own my own design and manufacturing firm one day”.