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Name: Mark Arnold
Course studied: MBA
Nationality: Dutch
Current position: Business Controller at Menzies Aviation PLC

Why did you choose to study at BU?

Completing a Master’s in business had always been a clear aim for me, as I believed it would enable me to reach higher in my career. Furthermore, I searched for an internationally oriented university in an English-speaking country. The Bournemouth University MBA seemed like a perfect fit, as it combined the two aspects. Additionally, the MBA promised to enable students to learn from professors with experience in business.

What did you gain from your student experience?

During my year at BU, I learned a lot more than just the course material that was provided to us. Experienced lecturers shared their knowledge and experience which often persuaded me to think beyond the beaten track. Furthermore, I took full advantage of the fact that I was able to study in a foreign country. While studying, I improved my English, took an active part in British political debates and leaned a lot about the cultures and background of my fellow students. Moreover, the experience has made me more self-aware. This has helped me to communicate more effectively. Now, almost two years since graduating, this has helped me massively in my current job as a senior-level business controller, working for a British firm. However, most important of all, I made amazing friends that I still regularly speak with and who I hope to visit as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted.

What advice do you have for other international students coming to study at BU?

1. Work hard and lean from each other by helping one another

2. Embrace the fact that you are able to study abroad. Once working life starts, it can be a lot more challenging to move to a foreign country.

3. Enjoy everything Bournemouth has to offer.