A degree in politics from BU has ignited an ambition to work in campaigning for Guy Palmer.

Guy, who graduated from BA (Hons) Politics in 2022, is currently supporting the campaign for his local Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate; an interest sparked by his studies. He said: “I got a huge amount out of the course, and particularly enjoyed the modules on campaigning and influencing public opinion. I began looking more closely at the policies of our main political parties and became interested in the Liberal Democrats. Having offered my time and expertise to my local parliamentary candidate, I am building my experience and skills while applying for graduate roles.”

Reflecting on his decision to study politics at BU, Guy said: “I’ve always had an interest in politics and enjoyed reading around the subject and following political stories in the media. I thought the degree would give me a greater understanding and help me to make more sense of what I saw happening in society.

“The course enables you to look at how political systems have changed over time, and even looks at how mainstream media and entertainment – such as films – have influenced politics and society. You emerge with a deeper knowledge of why certain things happen the way they do. I also valued the opportunity to take on board different views and challenge some of my own perceptions. I would certainly say that I have become more tolerant because of the degree.”

Guy’s advice to others thinking about taking a degree in politics is to be prepared to get writing and to speak out. He said: “This is definitely an academic degree, so you need to enjoy reading widely and writing to get your points across. I would encourage people to get involved in group discussions and not to hold back. I loved the debating aspects, but some people felt shy about engaging in an argument at first. You get out what you put in, so try to share your opinions.”