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Name: Murtala Alamai
Course studied: MSc Tourism Management and Marketing
Nationality: Nigerian
Current position: Head of Department, Leisure and Tourism Management at The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, Nigeria

Why did you choose to study at BU?

Because the school is ranked amongst the top ten in the discipline of hospitality and tourism studies in the world. The town of Bournemouth is also cool, serene and lovely to live in within the United Kingdom.

What did you gain from your student experience?

I gained academically by improving on my skills and acquiring more knowledge. I also made new contacts and learnt from the best brains in tourism education. I made new friends from across different parts of the world. Overall the experience was worth the stay!

What advice do you have for other international students coming to study at BU?

They should apply and study any course offered by the school as the mode of teaching, relationship between teachers and students is cordial. They can also experience the beautiful environment of Bournemouth town.