“I pretty much grew up career wise at the BBC from being a production secretary in dramas such as Fish and Maise Raine then when I moved up to Production Co-ordinator I spent two seasons on Dalziel & Pascoe and then shows like Two Thousand Acres of Skye, 55 Degrees North to Silent Witness where I was promoted to Production Manager.

“Then the BBC Comedy Dept gave me my first Line Producing job on a BBC Children’s comedy called Big Babies that earned a few BAFTA nominations to then working on the BAFTA award-winning Just William for BBC Children’s.  And this is just a small selection of my BBC jobs.

“And now I am the Vice President of TV Production at Working Title Films, my career continues with the BBC as we completed recently Everything I Know About Love.”

Tell us about your BBC experiences

“One of my most favourite experiences was Line Producing the second season of Inside No.9.  Working with such powerhouses as Jon Plowman and Adam Tandy along with Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith – I was just in awe of them. I had to pinch myself when listening to the wise words of Mr Plowman on a daily basis. It was a highlight of my career, not least it was the most fun set I’ve ever been on and you could feel the love and respect for the craft every day you came to work. A truly joyous show and team to work with and work on.  

“Working at the BBC is like family and the mere mention of the name to overseas broadcasters and Producers, well they just sit up and listen. The BBC is simply the gold standard of Broadcasting around the World.”

How did your BU experience prepare you for your future career?

“My course gave me the foundations to work and build from, whilst giving me the ethics and tools to do the very best I could and be the very best I could. And having been in the industry for 27 years now, I think my CV proves how well Bournemouth set me up in those early years to get me where I am now.”