Ayra Syamsul studied BA (Hons) Sociology and Social Anthropology and graduated in 2022. Here, she tells us more about what attracted her to the course and what she’s doing now.

Ayra said: “I was interested in social research and always wanted to learn more about how to conduct social research from different perspectives. The modules offered by the course at BU, which included those looking at culture, religion and crime, are what attracted me to study there. The location of the university was also a big factor.”

Since graduating, Ayra has begun working as a Learning Events Producer at Infopro Digital, which provides digital technology services to businesses and local government. Ayra said: “My degree has prepared me well for the start of my career. It taught me how to conduct social and market research, as well as to proof-read and write copy. My time management and interpersonal skills have also improved because of my time at university, which is valuable when working.

“Since starting the role at Infopro, I have enjoyed networking with senior-level leaders from the financial industries. I have been appointed to take charge of several big projects as well as to mentor new members of the team, which is really rewarding.”

When asked for her advice to others wanting to follow similar path, Ayra said: “Don’t be afraid to try new things, take the chance to gain as much experience as you can while studying and try to start building your network too. If you feel like you are struggling with certain subjects, for example if you never covered them at school or college, don’t worry as there is support available.”